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[OOC] Ah, young love...
by Ren Mazaki (ren_purifier)
at June 23rd, 2004 (11:24 pm)

Madscientistanon: Ren: ::plays with fire::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::h4x0rz::
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::smiles at Torsten::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::face goes blood red:: ...H-hi...
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::smiles:: ...your face is red...
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::thinks..:: Oh, is it?... M-maybe it's karma?
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::slight giggle:: I can't think of anything you've done in this life that would cause it.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::chuckles:: I guess... I am kind of a bastard, though.
Madscientistanon: Ren: You're not so bad...you're not as bad a Saki.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I don't think Torquemada was as bad as her...
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::nods, though she isn't really familiar with the reference:: Perhaps she shall be a cockroach in her next life. ...I wonder if anyone ever comes back as a rock...::ponders this::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::smiles at how cute Ren is:: Do rocks even have a life?
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::head tilted to one side:: I don't know...and if they did, how would a person lose such a life?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Maybe rocks die if they break?
Madscientistanon: Ren: Hmm...perhaps.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: What do you think I'd come back as in my next life?
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::looks at him thoughtfully:: Hmm...
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::starts blushing again as she looks at him like that::
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::smiles faintly:: I think you'd come back as a human. ::tilts head to one side:: Why are you blushing?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::looks down at his feet:: Uh... No reason... I just uh... do that sometimes.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::thinks fast!:: Uh.. When I'm sick! I think I might be getting sick...
Madscientistanon: Ren: Oh, you poor thing. Do you have a fever?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I don't know...
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::scoots closer and places her hand on his forehead:: ...I don't -think- you fell like you have one...but I don't know if I can tell...
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::freezes, can't believe she touched him!:: M-maybe I'm fine, then...
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::smiles softly:: I hope so.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::smiles:: Me too... Do you ever wonder what you'll come back as?
Madscientistanon: Ren: Sometimes...
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: What do you think you'll be?
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::shrugs slightly:: Maybe a better human...I don't know...
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I don't think you could be a better human, Ren...
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::blushes faintly, ducks head::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I think you'll come back as some kind of spirit. A free and beautiful fire spirit.
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::smiles:: ...you really think so?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::smiles, smooth all of a sudden.:: I know you will.
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::smiles; hugs him, impulsively::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::seriously surprised! Hugs back and squeezes, closing his eyes::
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::rests her head on his shoulder::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::really doesn't know what to do.. just continues hugging her.::
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::decides she rather likes this. smiles happily::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::pulls away a bit so he can look at her.:: Ren, I'm not sure how to say what I want to say.
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::looks at him, head to one side::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I really... I... ::shakes his head quickly, then leans in and kisses her clumsily. Has no idea what he's doing.::
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::surprised. has some vague idea about what he's doing; tries kissing back a little.::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::ecstatic she didn't push him off! Woo!::
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::shifts one hand to his shoulder, then settles it closer to his neck; is not 100% sure what she, or he, is doing, but is rather sure she likes it::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::breaks the kiss and blushes:: I... really like you, Ren.
TheRegicideKing: ((The rise in his pants will tell you the same. :P))
Madscientistanon: ((::dies::))
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::smiles softly. touches his face:: I...like you, too, Torsten.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I... ::doens't know what to say. Isn't used to meatbag interaction.::
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::taps a fingertip against his lips:: You don't have to talk, if you don't feel like it... ::soft, faint smile::
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::lays her head back down on his shoulder::


Posted by: count__0 (count__0)
Posted at: June 23rd, 2004 09:05 pm (UTC)
[OOC] Ooh, I see what happened.
Max Headroom

Oh, okay. Now I know what happened during the IM. I actually had typed more, but when I sent it, it must not have gone through. AIM disconnects at random moments for me, and sometimes not everything I send gets through to the person I'm talking to. So that's why the conversation died.

Really sorry about that.

Posted by: Nevermore (nevermore_rp)
Posted at: June 25th, 2004 12:47 am (UTC)


Is there a possibility a game this weekend? Like, say, Saturday? I'm kind of out in the cold, here. I've wondered if I should withdraw, but this group has always seemed more interesting than the alternatives.

[end OOC]

Posted by: Detail-Girl (deathbysenshi)
Posted at: June 25th, 2004 11:33 am (UTC)
Game possibilities
blue Gollum

It depends on whether enough members are online or not. We don't have set times for games. However, members are always free to RP with any other members, even if there is not a "formal" game going on at the moment. This helps quite a bit when a game does occur, because it allows things to move forward easier.

Again, there is no real way of predicting when a game will be, as members are spread out through various time zones, and are not always on at the same times. But, as I said, feel free to RP with the other members and post the log here.

I hope this helps, and we'd really like you to stay.

- Amy

Posted by: Nevermore (nevermore_rp)
Posted at: June 25th, 2004 06:35 pm (UTC)
Re: Game possibilities


Your reply actually answered a number of questions I had had, particularly that of having smaller member RPs. I plan on submitting a new character - either Scientist or Rebel, depending on what is more needed - sometime within the week, so as to be able to get into a few more sessions with other members.

So, anyone out there that wants to IM, me, feel free to. :D

I'd love to stay. Thanks.

[end OOC]

Posted by: SAINT ルイ-ス" XIV ミ☆ (superfi)
Posted at: June 25th, 2004 06:32 pm (UTC)
Die x Kaoru:// Out of your depth

Ehh...I'd love to be around to run games all the time, but I have a job and a life outside of this all. And friends who expect to be able to see me occasionally. ^^;;

Doesn't help I'm 6+ hours ahead of you all, either.

I'm doing my best.

Posted by: Nevermore (nevermore_rp)
Posted at: June 25th, 2004 06:40 pm (UTC)


I wasn't saying you were doing a poor job. Like I said, this group is more interesting than the alternatives, from the story to the way the structure/character journals has been set up. And it's my understanding that you were largely responsible for such ideas, so you're doing an excellent job.

I'm also pretty sure that we all have jobs and lives we need to attend to, as well. I was simply curious about the state of things. 's all.

[end OOC]

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