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Saki Hanamori [userpic]
It's been FOREVER.
by Saki Hanamori (saki_hanamori)
at March 30th, 2005 (07:24 am)
current song: With Every Light- The Smashing Pumpkins

saint louise x: Chelsea: ::still making insulting MS Paint pictures of The Fairy::
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ::still so not wanting in her boss-man's pants. because I said so. snoozing at her desk::
Red99Bloons: ((And the first part is a river in Egypt X))
saint louise x: ((XDDD))
saint louise x: Chelsea: ::skitters into Trudy's office:: Trudy, wake up~
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ::jerks awake:: Wha?
saint louise x: Chelsea: Is it true Hanamori and Nishigawa nearly killed someone? o__o;
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ::rubs her eyes:: They put...Mazaki in the hospital ward. Badly burned and with her spine twisted unnaturally. The pain must have horrific...::shudders::
saint louise x: Chelsea: ::shudders also:: I wonder if I was right in telling Wilhelm not to be so hard on Saki, then...
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: She's becoming a monster.
saint louise x: Chelsea: I still...kinda feel sorry for her, though. ::looks unsure:: Sometimes.
saint louise x: Saki: ::being irritating somewhere, no doubt::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Is most likely trying not to be irritating but be a good little sheepgirl::
saint louise x: Saki: ::AND lording it over the fact she put someone in the infirmary::
Red99Bloons: Ren: ::sedated. poor baby XD::
K9 Philosopher: ::Wilhelm walks in with Trudy and Chels' place:: Hello.
saint louise x: Chelsea: Hi, Wilhelm.
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: Hallo. ::sits up a bit straighter::
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ::In that way of his he notices but gives no indication:: Is everything well? I've noticed a change in effect some of the drugs on the subjects. The EEGs show that they may be losing some effectiveness.
saint louise x: Chelsea: As far as I know. But, I've some concerns about how some of the kids are doing mentally.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: I know Hanamori in particular has been a problem. But she's always been bothersome.
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: There are indeed changes. ::is data woman.::
saint louise x: Chelsea: It's not just Saki, Riu too. Neither of them have any remorse whatsoever for what they did. In fact, they find it...amusing.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: That may be a problem. While enthusiasm for the job goes a long way there's a chance they may turn on the public and cause other people harm on missions.
saint louise x: Chelsea: Apparently, they're bored.
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: Boredom has strange effects on people...
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: We should send them on a training simulation or small mission and see what they do. We can inject them with tracking devices to monitor them. Gertrude, what have some of the changes in the medication been?
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ::runs a hand through her hair:: Well...the data indicates that the dosage is being steadily increased, but the effects remain almost the same.
saint louise x: Chelsea: If the dose goes too high, there's almost definitely going to be some kind of damage done...
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: In some of the tests on the lab rats too much has resulted in brain damage.
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ::sighs::
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: Granted, when you think about it the life expectancy of an assassin can't be too long. But that isn't what we want.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: Ren, I've heard, is in the infirmary. An attack by the two in question. How is she?
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ::almost flatly:: Stabilized. Sedated, medicated for the pain...other than that...::shrugs::
saint louise x: Saki: ::tee hee, I have no remorse::
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: She was hurt badly by Hanamori. It's not the first time it's happened. i propose if this keeps up we might keep her in solitary confinement. We can't have her threatening the others.
Red99Bloons: Ren: ::I have pain, but I currently am not feeling it::
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: Indeed...
K9 Philosopher: ((Wilhelm your grammar is slipping! >:O))
Red99Bloons: ((XD))
saint louise x: Chelsea: Riu, as well. But you know it only makes Saki worse if we leave her alone for long periods of time. She NEEDS human attachments, Wilhelm.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: If you have any ideas, please feel free to give input then. She shouldn't have human attachments when all she does is cause harm to them.
K9 Philosopher: ::Katja is in the garden reading a history book::
saint louise x: Chelsea: By human attachments, I mean friends. Not enemies.
saint louise x: Saki: ::also in the garden, then~::
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: She has not been able to keep friends with the exception of Riu. Honestly, I'm not sure how capable she is of caring for others.
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: *T-side: Attachments, baby. Mmmm, oh yeah. Gotta have those.* ::eyetwitch::
K9 Philosopher: ::Wilhelm notices the eyetwitch and will have a word with her about some of his concerns later::
Red99Bloons: ((Muwhahahahaha. *ahem* XD))
saint louise x: ((TRUDY.))
K9 Philosopher: ::Katja notices Saki and decides flipping to a section about famous killers may be appropriate::
saint louise x: Chelsea: She's not, that's the point. Besides Riu and Matt, she hates everyone. Or so she says.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: What if we were to take a personality inventory to find out what sort of people she would most likely get along with, and surround her more with staff who fit that description.
saint louise x: Chelsea: ::nod:: I think that could be something to look into.
saint louise x: Saki: ::wants to be a famous killer! Or any kind of killer at all, really::
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ::nods as well:: Indeed.
Red99Bloons: Ren: ::Hi, I'm asleep a la medication :D::
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: If you could get on that, Chelsea, it would help immensely. I need to talk to Gertrude a moment.
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ::blinks. surprised::
K9 Philosopher: ::Katja has heard of Saki's aversion to needles and has a couple of them hidden in her clothing in case she tries anything::
K9 Philosopher: ::Alan, meanwhile, is off in the Land of Forgotten Characters::
saint louise x: Chelsea: ::blinks also:: It'd be better you asking the questions, Wilhelm. She's more likely to comply with you than with me. But, I have some reports to write up anyway, so I'll be in my office. ::leaves::
saint louise x: ((Likewise Cremola))
Red99Bloons: ((And...Elvis XD))
K9 Philosopher: ((Elvis is awesome.))
Red99Bloons: ((Woo)
K9 Philosopher: ((He might just be among my favorite rebels. If Bruce Campbell plays him and fights a mummy doubly so.))
saint louise x: Saki: ::is being mopey, kinda, so not actively spoiling for a fight::
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: Your performance has been excellent, Gertrude, but I can't help but have noticed a couple things. You have been twitching slightly. That is a side effect of some of the medication.
saint louise x: ((...You just got pwn'd, Trudy.))
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: And some of it has been missing... I'm not accusing you of anything, but I suspect you might need help.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Decides what the hell:: Hey.
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ::sighs:: That...is the oppinion of Chelsea, as well.
saint louise x: Saki: ::raises her eyebrows:: Wow. That was almost civil.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: It's really not that uncommon in the profession... the things we see and the things we're responsible for. My wife towards the end had a similar problem you know.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: I was just wondering... did you visit Ren yet? She could have died. And she's burned badly.
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ::softly:: ...really?
saint louise x: Saki: ::blinks:: Why the hell would I want to visit ren?
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: She was a great scientist. Honestly, she was the true visionary behind the project. And it was the right thing to do. I don't know your reasons exactly...
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: But nobody on my research team needs an illness like that to deal with.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: I was just wondering why you did it.
saint louise x: Saki: We were bored. ::shrugs::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Everyone gets bored. I'm not buying it.
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: *T-side: Tell him, ass.* ::grits her teeth:: I...::sighs::
saint louise x: Saki: ::coldly amused:: So, what's your expert opinion, then, Helmfried?
K9 Philosopher: Katja: I'll leave that to the doctors, I don't like to think about things like that. I'm asking you.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: Yes?
saint louise x: Saki: We. Were. Bored. There's no other reason.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Rolls her eyes::
saint louise x: Saki: Just because you're so high and mighty doesn't mean the rest of us are. Although...I guess if I took as many drugs as you, I'd be an obedient little puppet too.
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ::closes her eyes:: I...I have a hard time dealing with...things...in my past....
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ::Sits down:: I will keep anything you say to me confidential.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Saki. There's nothing special about you. There've been thousands of people exactly like you, causing harm for no reason... and it ended for all of them the same way. They died miserable and alone.
saint louise x: Saki: ::raises her eyebrows:: Didn't say there was anything special about me, did I?
saint louise x: Saki: Anyway, I have my reasons.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: That you're petty and aren't smart enough to deal with your own problems? Good reason.
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ...when I was...::takes a deep breath::
saint louise x: Saki: No, because I enjoy it.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Really.
saint louise x: Saki: Cross my heart.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: I'll make it a point to report the things you haven't done. Other people won't have to worry about you being bored then.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Oh wait, neither will you.
saint louise x: Saki: What on earth are you talking about?
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: I was...different when I was younger. *T-side: That's it, tell him baby.* Brash...bold...very ::eyetwitch:: sexual, one could say...
K9 Philosopher: Katja: The other day you lashed out at Torsten. Maybe you did, maybe you didn't... but as far as the doctors are concerned you did. I can't have you threatening people like this.
K9 Philosopher: ::Wilhelm nods, listening::
saint louise x: Saki: ::rolls her eyes:: Who am I threatening?
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Everybody's afraid of you. You are a bigger threat to us than any organization. So Wilhelm's going to know last week when you tried to kill Matt and he didn't report it. Are you too stupid to see what I'm getting at?
saint louise x: Saki: ::snort:: I can see exactly what you're getting at. But, I'm afraid it's not going to work.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Who's Wilhelm going to believe?
saint louise x: Saki: Most likely, Matt, when he tells Reinbach I've never laid a hand on him. Well, not maliciously, anyways.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: You're forgetting that he'll take any excuse to discipline you. Maybe he'll even put you down.
saint louise x: Saki: I'd welcome it.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Why haven't you killed yourself yet?
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: Because...::swallows:: because of this...I fell in love...with a much older man...it seemed to be perfect.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Everyone would be better off with you dead.
saint louise x: Saki: ::shrugs:: I'm purely alive out of spite, I assure you.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: That doesn't make any sense.
saint louise x: Saki: Well, honestly. "Everyone would be better off without me"? That's why I'm still around.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: That's the most pathetic thing I've ever heard.
saint louise x: Saki: ::shrugs again:: Because, of course, your opinion matters.
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: Then...one day he was not there when I woke up. I thought he had gone to work...I went down stairs...and found a note. He said...it was over. ::runs a hand through her hair::
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: The television was on, and the news...gave his name in an update. He...he had died in hospital...after shooting himself...outside his home.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: .... In my profession I'm supposed to have words for these situations. Unfortunately I don't, except that I'm sorry.
K9 Philosopher: ((What the hell Wilhelm is being nice and Katja is not))
K9 Philosopher: ((Goddamn Bizarro World.))
saint louise x: ((Saki is being emo :/ I play Ramsus too much.))
K9 Philosopher: ::Katja suddenly realizes how stupid this conversation is and laughs a little::
saint louise x: Saki: ::raises her eyebrows::
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ::nods slowly:: He had a family. A wife and two children. I never knew..he never wore a ring. I went to his funeral...his wife said he always wore his ring...everything I loved about him, they never knew.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: How long ago was this?
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Just take a step back and look at us. We're being ridiculous.
saint louise x: Saki: Hmm.
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: Gott...::thinks::...about...thirteen years...
K9 Philosopher: Katja: We're both in something that's never happened before and all we can think about is being angry.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ... How long have you been taking the medication?
saint louise x: Saki: In something that's never happened before...?
K9 Philosopher: Katja: The project?
saint louise x: Saki: Oh.
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ...almost since I started working here. ::swallows:: The voice of my repressed emotions, of the me of my youth, torments me...and the medicine makes her shut up. ::she feels rather broken. of all people, [cont.]
Red99Bloons: she didn't want Wilhelm to find out. Not that it mattered. She'd never have had a chance with him, anyway.::
saint louise x: Saki: I won't even pretend to want to be here.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ...You need to make peace with that voice.
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ::grits her teeth:: I can't unless I let her out...
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: It's always going to be a part of you. You of all people should know the dangers associated with these medicines. By all accounts we shouldn't be using them but this project is too important.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: It's not so bad here.
saint louise x: Saki: You would say that.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Why is it so horrible here?
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ...you don't want her out. Believe me. ::looks at him pleadingly:: *T-side: C'mon...*
saint louise x: Saki: I don't like being told what to wear, what to do, when to eat, when to sleep. I don't like having someone watch me constantly. And, I don't like being used.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Everyone gets used on the outside too. It's how the world works. And everybody is watched. How do you think we can find our targets easily every time?
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: I don't think it can be that bad. Either way I'm going to have to restrict your access to the medication. If you need to get there I'll have someone else accompany you.
saint louise x: Saki: Why are you happy here?
K9 Philosopher: ::Katja realizes she doesn't actually know. The alternatives have never really been an option to her:: Because I have the opportunity to make things better for the world.
saint louise x: Saki: No. You don't. We're not making the world better.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: We're eliminating horrible people. What can be better than that?
saint louise x: Saki: We're doing the bidding of worse people.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Since when did you care about who's good and bad?
saint louise x: Saki: I don't, but I figure you do, so I'm telling you.
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ::hangs her head.:: I understand.*T-side: Just a kiss, baby. Just.A.Kiss.*::decides what the hell, let him what it would be like. she rises slowly,leans over him&cupping his face,softly presses her lips to his::
saint louise x: ((TRUDY. WOO!))
Red99Bloons: ((Trudy: ::blushes:: ))
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ::Is taken a bit aback, he hasn't really kissed anyone since his wife died... steps back a bit::
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ::Decides this is a bad idea and yet he goes back to kiss her again::
saint louise x: ((Now would be a marvellous time for Chelsea to come skittering in, but...I will refrain. XD))
K9 Philosopher: Katja: When I do what I do I know it's for the right reason.
saint louise x: Saki: How do you know?
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Oh no she doesn't know!:: Have you seen the things some of these people have done?
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ::SURPRISED. But this is a bad thing, isn't it? But if it was...he wouldn't be kissing back. Would he? She lets one hand rest on his shoulder as she continues to kiss him, not knowing what else to do::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: That one president who ordered a genocide.
saint louise x: Saki: ::shrugs:: It's all relative.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ::Continues the kiss... after a while he breaks it:: This is not good. Unprofessional.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: That said, I know a place with good Italian. How does Friday sound?
saint louise x: ((Wilhelm, you're more suave than I thought. :O))
K9 Philosopher: ((Yeah, I know.))
K9 Philosopher: ((Elvis is gonna betray the rebels to take lessons from him isn't he?))
saint louise x: ((XDDD))
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ::blushes and looks at the floor. softly:: I knew you wouldn't....::looks at him, wide eyed:: I-italian? Friday? ::attempts to collect herself.:: That...that would be...wonderful. ::she smiles slightly.::
Red99Bloons: ((XDDD He so would want to infiltrate if he knew XD))
saint louise x: Saki: Either way, we're still killers.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Some people deserve it.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: Great.
saint louise x: Saki: Who decides that, though?
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ::smiles::
K9 Philosopher: ((Oh shit it's ethics class all over again.))
saint louise x: ((Catch is, Saki honestly doesn't give a fuck who she's torturing to death.))
K9 Philosopher: Katja: People who know enough. All I need to know is the mission.
Red99Bloons: ((::dies:: ))
K9 Philosopher: ((Katja would kill anybody if she was ordered to at this point.))
K9 Philosopher: ((But yeah irony is fun.))
saint louise x: Saki: That's why you're just a puppet.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: I have something you'll never have. Purpose.
saint louise x: Saki: And what's that?
K9 Philosopher: Katja: To change things.
saint louise x: Saki: But you won't.
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ::is all giddy andstuff XD::
K9 Philosopher: ::Wilhelm is still wondering if he's doing the right thing, hooray for doomed relationships:: There's work to be done on the project. I don't think we can ever rest with this. ::Gives Gertrude a quick kiss and heads out::
saint louise x: Saki: ::elaborating:: Humans are pathetic. Sure, you kill one genocidal dictator. But so fucking what? Give it a couple years, they'll just elect another one.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: And we'll kill him too if need be.
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ::waves belatedly. watches him go. sighs::
saint louise x: Saki: But NOTHING WILL CHANGE.
saint louise x: Chelsea: >__> ::peers around the door:: Done yet?
K9 Philosopher: Katja: You sound so sure.
saint louise x: Saki: Sure I'm sure.
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ::startles slightly, blushes:: Yes.
saint louise x: Saki: How many times have they all tried to cure me of whatever it it they think is wrong with me? They're the ones who made it wrong with me.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: You're one of the only ones who is like this. I don't know why it's just like this with you.
saint louise x: Saki: Don't you know how much strain all this telekinesis puts on my brain? That's why. And all the drugs they feed me.
saint louise x: Chelsea: What're you blushing for? ::doesn't know about Wilhelm::
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: Nothing.
saint louise x: Chelsea: ...You're a terrible liar.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: It's not easy to control the shadows either. They keep me company and are nice, but getting them to do what you want takes a lot of training.
K9 Philosopher: ((Yeah, damn psychologists. They can actually tell.))
K9 Philosopher: ((And it's true. All people in psychology are are insane.))
saint louise x: Saki: When you can hear everyone's thoughts, they all get mixed up and you don't know what you're hearing anymore.
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ....okay. We discussed how bad it is for me to be on the meds and now I am restricted from the room unless accompanied. And he now knows about...why I sometimes talk to myself.......
saint louise x: Chelsea: Well, that's really nothing to blush about. >>
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ...damn. So...he told me to make peace with that side of myself....and I kind of did....
saint louise x: Chelsea: ...Go on.
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ...I kissed him.
saint louise x: Chelsea: ::shfghhg moment:: Well. That's really...well.
K9 Philosopher: ::Wilhelm realizes he should have mentioned that this should be a secret affair::
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ::hopes he realizes that Chelsea is a freakin' SHRINK and WILL ask questions:: And that is confidential as said to my therapist. ::raises an eyebrow at Chelsea::
saint louise x: Chelsea: Of course!
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: Good. I'm glad we have that understanding. ::smiles. just a little dangerously::
saint louise x: Chelsea: o__o; Gertrude, you've gotten scary.
Red99Bloons: Gertrude: ::shrugs:: He asked for it.