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Sakura Project

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This is the community for the RP Sakura Project.


Sakura Project is based in a top-secret facilty in Brazil, financed in part by a shady megaconglomerate and in part by an unknown government. Its creators originally started with one girl, Sakura, who could see the future through dreams, but soon had emmissaries scouting the world for babies and young children who showed signs of psychic ability. They were kidnapped and brought back to the Project, and have been there ever since. The main role of the Projects is to do the government's 'dirty work' - asassination, spywork etc.

Sakura is presumed dead, but in reality is deep beneath the compound in an almost eternal sleep, only waking up every now and then. The other Projects are not supposed to be aware of her being alive, but she has started to appear in dreams and contact certain people in other ways. It's unknown what she is planning.

The Rebels are a group started by Cremola Rodriguez, the only Project ever to escape with her life. She wants to go back in and save all the others, and eventually destroy the whole Project itself.

Saki Hanamori - Telepathy/telekinesis
Riu Nishimura - Pyrokinesis
Matt Reilly - Electrical manipulation
Ren Mazaki - Pyrokinesis
Torsten Kirsch - Computer manipulation
Katja Helmfried - Shadow manipulation
Sakura Yamagata (presumed dead) - Precognition

Cremola Rodriguez - Leader/ex-Project (camoflague)
Julianna "Jules" Underwood - Second-in-command
"Unholy" Trinity Mitamo - Explosives
Rose "Black Widow" Hewson - Assassination expert
Allen Pomerantz - Hacking/computers
Elvis Keegan - Forgery/arms

Dr Wilhelm Reinbach - Project Leader
Dr Gertrude Mahler - Results analyst
Dr Chelsea Blackmore - Psychologist-in-residence

If making OOC posts, be sure to stick an [OOC] tag in the subject line of your post. Also, feel free to post any out of game RP between characters in the community, or in fact...anything related to the game at all. ^^

This game is run mainly through journals right now, since we can't all be online at the same time, but AIM is also a very welcome platform. If you do happen to RP through AIM, please post the log here so we can all keep up to speed with everyone.

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