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Saki Hanamori [userpic]
[OOC] RP Log #2~
by Saki Hanamori (saki_hanamori)
at June 20th, 2004 (09:01 am)
current song: Here Comes Your Man- The Pixies

Saki and Cremola: (Anyway, let's play. :D;; )
bluebite JUNKY: [ok XD I don't know where to start or anything, since I havn't done anything yet.. o_o]
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::dozed off at her desk::
Saki and Cremola: (HMM. Okay, well I guess Akuro needs to meet Cremola and the rest of the rebels somehow...)
K9 Philosopher: ((Allen too. Somehow needs to get there.))
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::steps out of the server room, laptop in his arms and listening to his technophile EBM music::
bluebite JUNKY: [ok o_o well, Gambit wants to join and has heard of them, soo..]
Madscientistanon: ((And Elvis. XD))
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::SOMEWHERE, I DON'T KNOW. Some pre-set meeting place >__>::
Madscientistanon: ((and I have bad lag...))
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::happily smashing glasses again...because she can::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Is out of the infirmary and without bandages by now, but still a scar on her cheek from Saki::
TheRegicideKing: ((ah-ha! ::just got an idea for a rebel character::))
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::GLEE >B::
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::quitely meditating in front of a small fire::
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ::Is busy measuring some drugs::
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::wait::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::nods to Katja as he passes:: Guten tag.
bluebite JUNKY: Gambit : *arrives at said pre-set meeting place, searching for someone.* ... hello? o_o
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: Hi? o__o;; You must be looking for me, right?
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Tag. What's going on?
bluebite JUNKY: Gambit : Cremola?
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::nods::
bluebite JUNKY: Gambit : I'm not a member or whatever, I want to help out, though... *fumbles with a paper* I don't know if there's some kind of test I have to take or... *laughs akwardly.*
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I just came from the server room. Have you recovered from that fight with Saki?
Im All Powerup has entered the room.
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::grins:: No, not at all, I just need...people.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::listens in gleefully::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ... ::Looks over to Saki, quietly to Torsten:: Somewhere else. Don't feel like having a murder attempt, you know?
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::jerks awake:: Umph. ::rubs eyes:: Not again... ::gets up; starts making coffee and heads for her pills::
Saki and Cremola: (I love Trudy the Prozac slave XB)
bluebite JUNKY: Gambit : *grins widely and offers a handshake* My name's Akuro Masanobu, but I'm called Gambit.
Madscientistanon: ((Trudy: WORSHIP ME, MORTAL.))
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::shakes:: Cremola Rodriguez. You know, I recognize the name Masanobu...
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::whispers:: I can always forge a document that authorizes a higher dose of thorazine on her.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::glares at them, not liking that she can't hear what's being said::
bluebite JUNKY: Gambit : *raises brow* Really?
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: There was...well, there was a girl in the Project by that name. ::looks sad for a moment::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Smiles:: I'm jealous of you sometimes.
bluebite JUNKY: Gambit : *sulks slightly and looks to her paper* my sister, Midori... *hands her the paper, it being a notice of her sister's death.*
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::nods:: Yes...I knew her. I'm sorry, I couldn't help her...
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Well, you should be. ::smiles arrogantly.:: I can't make shadows kill people, but I've learned that sometimes causality is the best weapon.
TheRegicideKing: ((Torsten: ::puts on a black suit and speaks French::))
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::rolls her eyes at that::
K9 Philosopher: ((LOL.))
Saki and Cremola: (I want Torsten's babies, honestly. :D)
Madscientistanon: ((
bluebite JUNKY: [XD;]
TheRegicideKing: ((Hahaha! If Torsten wasn't such a nerd, he might be up to the task.))
Saki and Cremola: (Yeah, and I've got a reputation to think of and all. XD)
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Or the pen. If I had one of those...
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Oh? ::takes one out of his pocket:: Like this?
bluebite JUNKY: Gambit : *smiles faintly* it's all right.. *pauses, looking around* anyone else here..?
dive to azure has entered the room.
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: Still waiting, I'm afraid. You're the first.
Saki and Cremola: (Joshiphius!)
Madscientistanon: Elvis: ::slowly walks up to the meeting place; drawls softly:: Hello, ladies.
dive to azure: (DON'T CALL ME THAT >O)
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::studies him:: Hello...I'm Cremola. I assume you're here to see me?
Saki and Cremola: (Not sorry :D)
Madscientistanon: ((XD))
dive to azure: (::shoves a chicken down throat:: >O)
Madscientistanon: Elvis: That I am. ::extends hand:: Elvis Keegan.
Saki and Cremola: (Thank god I've got another original rebel here XD Marina, get your ass down to the meeting place. Is meet & greet time!)
dive to azure: (uh, now that I'm done raping Lou's vegetarian tendencies...what is going on?)
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::shakes::
Saki and Cremola: (Louise is not a vegetarian >>)
dive to azure: (tendencies~)
Madscientistanon: ((XD))
dive to azure: Marina: ::meeting place!::
TheRegicideKing: ((But I am. Actually, I'm a level five vegan. I don't eat anything that casts a shadow.))
Saki and Cremola: (::dies:: XD)
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ...... ::Just looks at him wide-eyed:: How'd you get that... I mean, it's against regulation. We can make an exception but if you get caught with that you know what'll happen.
Saki and Cremola: (::...and takes a moment out to fangirl BLACK FRANCIS avidly:: *____*)
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Idle hands do the devil's work. ::grins::
dive to azure: Marina: So what secretive plans are we executing today. Or am I forced to yet again play SECRETARY?
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::arrives at pill room. pops her pills::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Someone left it sitting in the server room, so I just took it.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Careless.
dive to azure: Rika: ::sitting at a computer...somewhere, typing::
dive to azure: Seiki: ::fangirling over how he got his filing done::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Do you want it?
dive to azure: Seiki: Okay, now it is time to go count the amount of mood altering medications we have in stock. X3
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Can you activate it with your head?
dive to azure: Seiki: ::walks toward da pill r00m idly::
TheRegicideKing: ((lol! Oh that line is classic!))
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::retreats to her coffee::
K9 Philosopher: ((DAMMIT!))
dive to azure: Seiki: ::bursts into pill room:: I'm here~! ::sparkly eyes::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::blinks, thinks she's strung out again.::
Saki and Cremola: (Sorry XD I really was avidly fangirling him.)
dive to azure: (You can't fangirl. You're too indie as fuck)
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: Marina, meet Gambit and Elvis.
dive to azure: Marina: Ah, splendid! ::extends hand::
dive to azure: ((XD!))
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: It's a pen.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ::Looks up, nods courteously:: Have you been in the drugs yourself yet?
Saki and Cremola: (I need a quotes section on the site so I can put that on it. >D)
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ...::glances back at Seiki:: *And -he- thinks -I'm- a druggie...*
Madscientistanon: ((YES XD))
dive to azure: Seiki: ::looks around:: Who? Me? Oh, no. I'm just here to check the mood medications for the unstable projects.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::raises an eyebrow coolly:: If I don't get to have a pen, why should either of you two?
bluebite JUNKY: Gambit : *shakes her hand roughly* 'ello Marina.
dive to azure: Marina: Ai-ya! What a grip ya got! Welcome aboard!
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: For our protection.
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: Since Jules, Trinity and Rose are elsewhere doing espionage today (because I can't be bothered with Trinity XD;;), I thought we could lay down a few plans.
Madscientistanon: Elvis: ::smirks slightly:: Nice to meet you, Marina.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::laughs!:: You're going to hurt me with a pen? I'd break your wrist before you even got close enough, and you know it.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: About that. We need to possibly reevaluate the dosages some are taking. Particularly Hanamori.
dive to azure: Seiki: Ah yes, Hanamori. Quite a handful.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Take a closer look. ::As it's one of the pens Wilhelm uses::
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: Katja was hospitalized. She is valuable.
bluebite JUNKY: Gambit : *folds arms* well, I'll have to stand back, I'm new and all..
dive to azure: Marina: Plan making. ::sinks in chair:: Well, guess we better get started. ::rubs palms together::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: And think about the consequences of that, Saki. You hurt me, you spend the next week so high on the drugs they'll give you that you'll think you're a duck-billed platypus.
dive to azure: Seiki: Hospitalized? What happened?
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::returns to pill room. sipping coffee::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::narrows her eyes:: Ever stop to think that it'd affect you, too? I'm not the only one. Besides... ::grins:: Chelsea told me that if it's used too much, I'll just get used to it.
Madscientistanon: ((PLATYPUS XD))
dive to azure: (XD; Seiki would do it too.)
dive to azure: (ARE YOU HAPPY YET?! >O)
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: No, Gambit, you can help too...I need all hands on deck, figuratively speaking.
Saki and Cremola: (SSJ REFERENCE >D)
bluebite JUNKY: [OMG <3 :D]
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Pfft. ::examines the pen... concentrates on it.:: This thing is wired...
dive to azure: Marina: Yeah, on this boat everyone swabs the poop-deck. XD!
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::laughs:: You could put it like that. I need to know what you all specialise in.
dive to azure: Seiki: I'll look into it.
Madscientistanon: Elvis: ::grins. drawls:: Small arms and forgery.
dive to azure: Marina: Stealth and projectiles, but you already knew that. @-x;
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: Thanks.
K9 Philosopher: ((Sorry, laggy.))
Saki and Cremola: (Chelsea...well, I'll bring her in in a bit. :D Psychologist-in-residence. I'm figuring they all have regular meetings with them so Wilhelm can monitor what's going on in their minds.)
dive to azure: (no big)
Madscientistanon: ((makes sense))
K9 Philosopher: Katja: I have something... it'll hurt you a lot more than it'll hurt me.
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: Forgery...wonderful. ::grins::
dive to azure: Seiki: While I'm looking into these medications I also need to check on where some of the extras have been going...::rubs chin::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::sweet smile:: And why...would you want to hurt me?
dive to azure: Marina: Any experience in negotiation? Cause quite frankly I'm shitty at it.
dive to azure: (be right back~!)
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::leans against the door frame; looks at Wilhelm:: How is Katya now?
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: Your temper's too bad and you're too impatient for that, Marina. ::grins:: What about you, Gambit?
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Things will be different this time. ::Seems slightly off::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ...What? Try making sense.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: Fortunately she's fully recovered. No major damage.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Ladies, don't fight over little old me... I think there's a more important matter here. This pen...
K9 Philosopher: Katja: If you try hurting me. It'll be worse for you.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::starts laughing:: Right, hurt you? And have Reinbach do all sorts of horrible things to me? I'll pass, tempting as it is.
Madscientistanon: Elvis: ::scratches his chin:: Well...I did manage to keep a coupla small-time drug lords from blowin' each others heads off...'
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: That is very good. ::sips coffee, eyes Seiki::
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::grins again:: Negotiation is Jules' area, I think. She's very good at it.
Madscientistanon: Elvis: ::grins:: Works for me, 'cause they only waited 'til they got outside.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: How was that anyway? I think he must like you especially, considering the amount of time you spend together.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Oh, yeah. He just LOVES me. ::rolls her eyes::
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::wanders over closer to the group::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::looking worried... freezes when Ren comes by::
bluebite JUNKY: [eep, sorry @_@]
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::smiling softly::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: As if I was his daughter or something. ::snort::
Saki and Cremola: (Is okay, meatpie <3)
bluebite JUNKY: Gambit : Negotiation? I don't know if I'd do too well...
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::smiles weakly at Ren:: H-hi...
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: Well, what do you do well? It helps that you knew someone in the Project, of course.
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::smiles:: Hello. It's a wonderful morning, isn't it?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::nods:: Yeah...
bluebite JUNKY: Gambit : I'm good and more physical things and spy work, I suppose. *laughs nervously*
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: That's what we need, spy work.
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: We need to find a way IN.
dive to azure: (*runs back in*)
dive to azure: Marina: I could sneak in, but what the hell would I do then? X_x;
bluebite JUNKY: Gambit: *smirks* that's perfect for me.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Try making sense sometime. It's an interesting experience. ::As it isn't widely known about her father, has no idea:: ::Softens up a bit when she sees Ren:: Hello. Love to stay and chat, but Saki's being herself.
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: Well, that's what I was thinking. If we can get someone in there, posing as a guard...who knows what we could find out?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I uh... think we should stop fighting and consider the more important matter. ::focuses all of his attention on the pen:: I think I've heard of this...
dive to azure: Marina: Excellent idea!
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ..What? You do too many drugs, Helmfried.
Madscientistanon: Ren: Karma. ::nods sagely::
dive to azure: Rika: ::alone~ type~::
TheRegicideKing: ((Rika's being very Torsteny today.))
K9 Philosopher: ((You can tell I'm out of it today.))
dive to azure: (Rika couldn't hack if she wanted to)
bluebite JUNKY: Gambit : Yes! Marina and I could both go in... maybe one to pose and one to sneak around? *shrugs*
dive to azure: Marina: Yeah, only so that I could be caught and cause a huge scene and get us killed. ::facepalm::
TheRegicideKing: ((XD))
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::laughs:: Obviously, I can't go in...they know me. Trinity would cause too much of a scene, Rose needs to stick with Trinity, I need Jules on the outside...Marina, I think you've too much of a temper.
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: But Gambit...I think you would be a good candidate. Perhaps Elvis, too?
dive to azure: Marina: Yep, I'd end up killing something. ::shakes head::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I've heard of this! This is some kind of trigger!
dive to azure: (Rika has the problem of not having any friends. :/)
TheRegicideKing: ((Awww... ::hugs Rika::))
bluebite JUNKY: Gambit : Then I'll do it.. I'd need to know how the guards dress so I can get a uniform.
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::nods:: I can help with that, I still remember.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Looks at him::
Madscientistanon: Elvis: ::nods thoughtfully:: And I could do any paperwork that might be needed paper-work...
dive to azure: Seiki: ::checking medicine~::
dive to azure: Marina: You can gather information...?
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::stretches boredly:: I'm sure I'd love to stay with you all, but...I have someone to see. Don't get yourselves killed, now. ::saunters off downstairs somewhere::
Madscientistanon: Ren: ?.? ::at Torsten::
dive to azure: Marina: ::trying to be useful~:: e_X;
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: Do you think you could forge an official resume for Gambit, Elvis?
dive to azure: Rika: ::gets off the computer as she could do nothing but Solitaire and wanders through the halls::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: You said Dr. Reinbach uses this, ja? ::looks to Katja::
Madscientistanon: Elvis: ::nods::
Saki and Cremola: (Wahaha, Saki is going to see SAKURA >D)
bluebite JUNKY: Gambit : *stretches, feeling high-and-mighty at the moment* x3
Madscientistanon: ((ahhhh))
K9 Philosopher: Allen: ::Walks into the meeting place hooded and in a trenchcoat:: Sorry about being late.
Saki and Cremola: (Did I explain about Sakura? o__o; ::dumb:: )
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Nods::
dive to azure: (>_> not to me...)
K9 Philosopher: ((I didn't hear anything.))
Madscientistanon: ((just to me))
TheRegicideKing: ((And Sakura will be like "I am the toughest high school student in the world! HADOKEN!")
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::nods at him:: Hello. You must be Allen?
dive to azure: (XD! ::DIES:: ))
TheRegicideKing: ((No, I don't think you did.))
Madscientistanon: ((::chuckles:: ))
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::sips coffee:: Everything in order, Seiki?
dive to azure: Marina: I can hang outside of the complex to keep an eye on hot-shot here. Its better than making phone call after phone call...::shrugs::
Saki and Cremola: (NO, Sakura is the original Project. XD She has prophetic dreams and such. She's been talking to Saki and possibly some of the others in their sleep. She's kept apart from everyone, cause she's all special and stuff.)
Saki and Cremola: (And disgustingly weak and frail, physically.)
K9 Philosopher: Allen: ::Runs something like a remote:: No bugs here. Good hiding place. I'm Allen.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: That's why you wanted one, then...
dive to azure: Seiki: There is a huge amount of headache medicine being used, but that is to be expected. Otherwise everything seems to be perfectly in order.
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: I am Cremola. ::offers her hand::
dive to azure: Marina: Marina, charmed.
dive to azure: (aw c'mon, you have to make her say "hadoken" at least once~)
K9 Philosopher: Allen: ::Shakes it:: Wow... this is really something doing this in secret. ::Nods quickly and unhoods himself::
Madscientistanon: Elvis: I'm Elvis.
dive to azure: (C'mon! XD)
Madscientistanon: ((XD))
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: It's the only way...
TheRegicideKing: ((Pretty please with flaming 151 on top?))
Madscientistanon: ((::dies:: ))
K9 Philosopher: Allen: Oh, I know. And I know they have various devices all around. But... you're not all dead yet. So what were we discussing?
dive to azure: (>_> jeezy-creezy you're no fun~)
K9 Philosopher: ((LOL.))
Saki and Cremola: (But hell, Torsten can confuse her with Street Fighter references when he meets her XD)
dive to azure: (::cheers!:: )
TheRegicideKing: ((Yaaay!))
dive to azure: Marina: Where each of us will be stationed.
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: How we are going to get in. We've decided to send Gambit in under the guise of being a guard.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: Excellent.
dive to azure: Marina: I could keep an eye on him for a distance outside the complex in case things get too hairy.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::grins:: This should put her in her place next time...
K9 Philosopher: Allen: What's the complex like in terms of layout?
Madscientistanon: ((Josh, Gambit's a her))
dive to azure: Seiki: ::makes notes:: ...and who needed a change in dosage of their medication?
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::nods:: I think that's a good idea, she needs to keep in touch with us somehow...I believe that's your department, Allen?
dive to azure: (AAAH!)
dive to azure: Marina: *her
K9 Philosopher: Katja: >D
Madscientistanon: ((::bows:: ))
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: Well, it's big. ::sheepish grin:: Very big. Very well protected, security-wise.
dive to azure: (I had the image of ol' creole Gambit from X-Men. Sorry! ::dorkage!:: )
bluebite JUNKY: [it's ok XD]
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: Five levels that I know of, but there could be more. We weren't exactly allowed to wander, you know?
TheRegicideKing: ((Hahaha! I had the same thing, mon ami.))
dive to azure: (THATS FRENCH! ::kisses arm::)
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::lalala commune :D::
K9 Philosopher: Allen: I can do that... what's on them... are we just breaking them out?
TheRegicideKing: ((::blush::))
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: So who wants it?
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: We need to destroy the Project completely...and that means all of its staff, too.
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::makes a small fire, smiles at it::
dive to azure: Marina: Yay, that would be where I come in. Complete destruction!
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::grins:: Exactly. You, Trinity and Rose will work together on that part.
dive to azure: Rika: ::humming a song whilst walking through halls::
bluebite JUNKY: Gambit : wait, will I be killing? *raises eybrow* I don't know what's expected of me exactly..
dive to azure: Marina: >3! Oh yeah!
dive to azure: Marina: Actually you're the spy, so you have to keep as low key as possible I would think...
K9 Philosopher: Allen: I can destroy the computer records.
Madscientistanon: Elvis: I'll bring guns, for the time between explosions. ::grins::
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: No, you need to blend in with the staff, learn things, give us intelligence, basically. You will be safe, I promise.
dive to azure: (the rebels have some sort of a plan going! Yay rebels!)
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: Can you destroy the computer network, as well? It might be hard, I know there's one boy there who can do such things with his mind...if they detect us there, I am sure they'll draft him in to try and fight it.
bluebite JUNKY: Gambit : *nods* Ok.. in order to keep in contact with you guys... I don't think I could carry some huge radio or something with me..
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::looks over at Ren's fire and smiles::
dive to azure: Marina: I can come in at this point!
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::shakes head:: Of course not, I believe that Allen can come up with some way for you to stay in touch?
dive to azure: Marina: Allen, come with me and we'll check what equipment we have!
Saki and Cremola: (Cremola is...speaking. o__o Yay non-silent Cremola.)
K9 Philosopher: Allen: I've developed a military virus... ::Completely dorky:: it works like the HIV virus sort of, destroying everything that alerts the system to its presence and corrupting the data. And... kay.
dive to azure: (Rika is still uber!silent)
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::nods approvingly::
Madscientistanon: Elvis: Nice.
K9 Philosopher: ((BRB!))
dive to azure: Marina: If you'll be so kind as to follow me to the equipment room~ ::heads out:: I won't steal 'im too long.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::appear!:: Wilhelm, could I speak to you? It's about the results of some of the tests we were doing.
dive to azure: Seiki: ::medicine records!::
dive to azure: Rika: ::BORING!::
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::finishes coffee; double checks that all her meds are well stocked::
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::starts drawing up a picture of the guard uniform for Gambit::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::stares at the pen:: This is some piece of work... ::glances over at Ren, then back to the pen.::
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: Of course. I was just about to send for you.
Saki and Cremola: (XO It'll hurt all of them)
TheRegicideKing: ((Yeah, but he doesn't know that. XD))
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::is too completely enthralled with the fire to notice the pen::
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::takes him aside, into her office:: Everybody seems to be doing quite well, apart from three cases where I worry.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: It's amazing... I have to go for a bit.
dive to azure: (where should I throw Rika? she's so very lonely~)
TheRegicideKing: ((She can talk with us!))
K9 Philosopher: ((Katja's going to sneak some drugs in the bathroom.))
Saki and Cremola: (Just fling her into the room where the rest of them are :D)
Saki and Cremola: (Wow, she sounds like me--I mean, NOTHING :D)
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: Please explain.
K9 Philosopher: ((She sounds like half the people I know.))
dive to azure: Rika: ::location change!!!!!::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::nods at Katja:: See you later.
Madscientistanon: Ren: ...fire is pretty.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Nods:: I'll be back.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: First, I have concerns about Rika. She's very withdrawn from everyone...I think more sociability would really do her well. We must find a way to get her talking and interacting with the others.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Heads towards the bathroom::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Welcome Rika. ::looks over to Ren and blushes::
dive to azure: Rika: ...hi.
Saki and Cremola: (Torsten x Ren XDDD)
dive to azure: (otp!1one!1eleven!)
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: What do you suggest?
Madscientistanon: ((AWWWW XD))
TheRegicideKing: ((Hahaha. Torsten's a meatbag now.))
dive to azure: (wow, Chelsea's wish came true! That must mean that some angel is being tortured right about now! XD)
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: I think we should encourage her to do things with the others...perhaps introduce her to Katja and Torsten, they seem the most approachable.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: How are you, Rika?
Saki and Cremola: (Saki: ::pulling Sakura's fingernails out as we speak :D j/k j/k j/k)
TheRegicideKing: ((::dies!::))
dive to azure: Rika: ...um, I'm okay.
Madscientistanon: ((::dies:: ))
TheRegicideKing: ((For some reason when I keep imagining Sakura looking like Sadako from Ringu..))
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: Second, I worry slightly about Ren. She seems in her own world much of the time, and it can't be good for her mental health. It could also distract her from her purpose.
dive to azure: (I still keep seeing StreetFighter!Sakura)
Madscientistanon: ((That's exactly what I thought of when I read the fingernail part.))
dive to azure: (Um, quick question. Is Seiki with Chelsea? I kinda lost him...::loser!:: )
Saki and Cremola: (No)
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: There are drugs that can be used for that, at the very least.
dive to azure: (good. XD)
Saki and Cremola: (Sakura looks like...well, she's smallish and super-skinny.)
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I see you've recovered from the last time I saw you.
dive to azure: (makes me think of Sakura from Betterman >_>)
TheRegicideKing: ((Ooo. Is she blue? XD))
dive to azure: Rika: ...yeah. I can control my transformations now.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::nods:: But...drugs aren't always a good idea. I think they're having a negative impact on many of the Projects' mental wellbeing. Which brings me to the next point...
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::In the bathroom... uses her ability to sort of blend in with the shadows:: ::Takes a stimulant::
dive to azure: Seiki: ::goes to his office to look amongst files~::
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: This is about Katja, isn't it?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Splendid. I'll be sure to keep a close eye on you during your next mission. If you get caught again I've got a subroutine that will cause enough hell to get you out of there safely.
dive to azure: Rika: ...thanks. ::massive!blush::
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: No. Saki, actually. Wilhelm, I know you know best and all, but you've got to stop preventing her from forming human attachments.
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::finished! :D:: ::shows Gambit:: See, this is the exact uniform. We just need to find someone to make it.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: You're welcome. I'm not going to let anyone die out there.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ::Somewhat relieved:: She's the biggest problem, it seems. Nobody else has put the other projects in danger.
K9 Philosopher: Allen: ::Goes with Marina, sorry for the holdup @_@::
dive to azure: Rika: Thats...nice. :D
bluebite JUNKY: Gambit : *nods* All right.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: Yes, but punishing her by taking away people she's attached to will only unhinge her further. I mean...well, I don't mean to argue with you, but that's why you got rid of Leon Ciola, isn't it? To try and teach her a lesson?
dive to azure: Marina: As you can see we have an oh-so-extensive amount of radio equipment...::sarcasm::
Saki and Cremola: (Saki was in love with Leon TT;; He was a guard.)
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::pops a couple more pills, when Seiki isn't looking::
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: Things finally seem to be going our way.
Saki and Cremola: (TRUDY <3)
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I consider everyone friends. Even Saki. I've known you all for as long as I remember, and it hurts to lose even one of you... ::frowns, remembering when Cremola left.::
dive to azure: Seiki: ::is back in office Trudy~::
Madscientistanon: ((Trudy: ::clutches pill bottles:: My Precious...-es. Erm .> ))
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: She wasn't performing well, in that case. And many of the attachments she has formed lately have been homicide. Most of the others have an acceptable level of social function.
dive to azure: Rika: ::smile:: I will return the favor. If you ever need help, I'll do my best. :D
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Requiem For a Dream-esque blipverts::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::smiles:: Thank you.
dive to azure: (wow, Rika is being...*GASP* social!)
dive to azure: Rika: ...what is that?
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::gently:: Wilhelm, she was probably in love with him. He calmed her down. She was worse than ever in the few days after he went, as you remember.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::walks back toward her office::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Hmm?
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::just notices Rika::...how are you today Rika?
dive to azure: Rika: Oh, it is just Ren's fire. ::blush::
dive to azure: Rika: Hi Ren.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: She needs to find herself to calm herself down. Romance is too dangerous a thing for the Projects.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::lowers his head and blushes when Ren joins in::
Madscientistanon: Ren: ^__^ ::proud her fire was noticed:: It's beautiful, isn't it?
K9 Philosopher: Allen: I can probably figure out how to get some more.
dive to azure: Rika: Yeah! Wanna see something neat?
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: You know as well as I do she's almost too far gone to do that. She NEEDS human contact. Sakura's talking to her, you know.
dive to azure: Marina: That would be splendid!
bluebite JUNKY: [brb]
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::PLOT::
Madscientistanon: Elvis: ::hums'n'plots::
dive to azure: Marina: ::plotting about new equipment!::
K9 Philosopher: Allen: I didn't work in the military for nothing. I've developed a few myself.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: That changes everything.
dive to azure: Marina: You're definately a welcome addition. <3_<3!
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Sure!
dive to azure: Rika: ::steps back and changes into a tiger::
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: It's human contact, at least, but you can bet Sakura's telling Saki things she isn't telling us.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::his eyes go wide and he starts clapping::
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::smiles::
dive to azure: Rika: ::changes back but her ears stay like the tigers:: ...whoops...
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::grins:: You look like an anime character.
dive to azure: Rika: ::looks in mirror:: Hehe!
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::grins::
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: Yes. I haven't figured out a way to block the signals she sends.
dive to azure: Rika: ::concentrates and her ears change back::
dive to azure: (brb, again~ X_x)
TheRegicideKing: ((Torten: This is just like one of my Japanese animes! ::cowers in the corner and pees himself::))
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: Saki sees her clairvoyance on the ceilings, apparently.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: And until then, you're right. It's probably best that she not believe what Sakura tells her is true.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::checks underlings' data::
K9 Philosopher: ((LOL. That's Allen's line.))
Madscientistanon: ((XD and darn it, I have to go ;___; ))
TheRegicideKing: ((lol. Yeah, Allen's very Otaconish.))
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::small smile:: I think she's more inclined to believe Sakura than us, unfortunately. She doesn't trust us.
TheRegicideKing: ((Aww!))
Saki and Cremola: ((Amy ;__; ))
K9 Philosopher: ((Curses!))
Madscientistanon: ((I know ;_____; my mom is in Nazi!Mom mode))
Saki and Cremola: (I'll post this in the community when we finish so you can read it tomorrow <3)
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: Have you tried convincing her it's not real through hypnosis yet?
TheRegicideKing: ((See ya!))
Madscientistanon: ((yes
K9 Philosopher: Allen: ::Looks over the weapons:: ::After a silence:: So how long have you been doing this?
Madscientistanon has left the room.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: It doesn't work on her. Perhaps you should talk to her, she thinks I'm a soft touch, somewhat. But she's afraid of you, although she'd never admit it.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: That much is obvious. Sometimes I feel like a monster, but it has to be done.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::smiles grimly:: I wouldn't use that device so much...eventually she'll just get used to it.
Saki and Cremola: (You do NOT, Helmy. XD You LOVE it.)
K9 Philosopher: ((He does too. He scares me sometimes.))
TheRegicideKing: ((Wilhelm has this creepy rapist vibe about him. o.o))
dive to azure: Rika: ::happy!::
K9 Philosopher: ((That's why he creeps me out.))
Saki and Cremola: (Same ;~; )
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::opens up his laptop and puts on some VNV Nation:: :B
K9 Philosopher: ((:D What song?))
TheRegicideKing: ((Rubicon.))
dive to azure: Rika: o_o?
K9 Philosopher: ((Hot.))
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Comes out::
TheRegicideKing: ((Oh yeah. Torsten loves the futurepop.))
dive to azure: (future!pop. Hmm.)
bluebite JUNKY: Gambit : all right, just give me whatever information I need and I'll be ready to go.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Seems all happy now:: What'd I miss?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Rika turned into a tiger. XD
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::nods:: It's best not to go in too soon...although there is a vacancy for a guard at the moment. My cources tell me one got fired earlier this month...one of the few nice ones.
dive to azure: Rika: Yep!
Saki and Cremola: *sources X__x;
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: In her EEGs it's also began to show some brain damage.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: That's why you need to stop it.
dive to azure: Marina: Okay, equipment problem on hold. ::leads Allen back to Cremola and others, blah blah::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: I'm so glad we're gifted like we are.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Her shadow is constantly wavering and flickering::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Yes, we're like gods...
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: What we need to do before we send Gambit in is devise a really solid plan...plus you need to meet the rest of the faction, too.
dive to azure: Rika: ...I don't like thinking about it that way.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: It will make her difficult to control, at the very least.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: But it's true.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: How do you think of it?
K9 Philosopher: Katja: We're chosen to be like this.
dive to azure: Rika: ...I think that we're just like everyone else. Just...special.
TheRegicideKing: ((It figures that the germans would be all like "We are the chosen ones! We are the master race!"))
dive to azure: ((::dies:: ))
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::firmly:: It would be even worse for her to completely lose her mind, Wilhelm.
dive to azure: (and little phillipino Rika wants world peace along with adoption of all puppies)
TheRegicideKing: ((lol!))
K9 Philosopher: ((LOL!))
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: This is frustrating. Perhaps Seiki has an idea?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: We are special. People out there would give anything to have our powers. They write comic books about people like us because they consider them to be incredible.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::laughs:: I wouldn't bank on it. She won't talk to him.
dive to azure: Rika: I suppose...you're right.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::The shadows go wildly out of control and begin dancing:: It's beautiful.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Mere rumours of our power spark the imagination of people around the world... If we were to make our presence known, we would be kings and queens among them...
TheRegicideKing: ((God, Germans are scary.))
dive to azure: Rika: ::eyes shift into those of a tiger:: The most I can do is either scare people or become...a housepet.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: How do you suggest we handle the situation?
dive to azure: (Rika: ::way too peaceful for her own good::)
K9 Philosopher: Katja: You have the honor of keeping the world's peace.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: Well, like I said, try talking to her.
dive to azure: Rika: ::eyes shift back to normal:: ...
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: That's the duality of mankind. One minute a predator, the next, domesticated.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: Thank you for your input.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::small smile:: It's my job.
K9 Philosopher: ((Katja: ::Conjures up shadow people for the back-up vocals and dancing:: The long awaited musical number, part two!))
TheRegicideKing: ((Oh my god! The musical!))
dive to azure: (Rika: ::transforms into a dog and backflips:: )
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ::Gives a smile::
K9 Philosopher: ((That was so my greatest moment ever.))
TheRegicideKing: ((That was fucking hillarious!))
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::as he goes to leave:: Oh, and you want to watch the amount of drugs Katja is receiving, too. They aren't too good for her.
dive to azure: Rika: ::feels weak compared to Katja::
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ::Curses to himself:: Yes, thank you.
dive to azure: Marina: ::PLOT!::
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::smiles and goes back to her reports::
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: Marins, this is a long shot, but...can you sew?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::manipulats his laptop's soundcard play a beat.::
Saki and Cremola: *Marina x__x
dive to azure: Marina: >_> Unfortunately, yes.
TheRegicideKing: ((so it play's a beat*))
dive to azure: Rika: ::gape:: Neat.
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::delighted:: Really? So you could make Gambit's uniform?
dive to azure: Marina: Yup.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: You can be anything you want.
dive to azure: Marina: ::looks at design:: I'll get some measurements...::goes to look for measuring tape::
dive to azure: Rika: Yeah, I suppose...I can.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Can you be a griffin? Or a dragon?
dive to azure: Rika: If I saw a really good picture of one I could try...
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: There you go, Gambit. Uniform.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Hold on! ::Runs to her room::
dive to azure: Marina: Come with me~
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: You have the same power of the Wondertwins, except your power is useful...
Saki and Cremola: (Brb, I'm staaaaaaaarving.)
dive to azure: Rika: I remember you talking about them once.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: And you aren't annoying like they are.
K9 Philosopher: ((I love the lame water power.))
TheRegicideKing: ((Size of SPONGE!))
dive to azure: (most useless form EVAH!)
TheRegicideKing: ((Shape of SABER TOOTH CAT!))
TheRegicideKing: ((One would always be something cool, and the other would be something really lame..))
K9 Philosopher: ((If I had the option I'd be one of the little Alien facehugger dudes. I mean, you can make stuff pop out of peoples' chests.))
dive to azure: (the guy always got shafted)
TheRegicideKing: ((I think the guy liked getting shafted.))
K9 Philosopher: ((Yeah, because it was all water based. ::DIES::))
dive to azure: (yeah. form of ICE!! ::SHAFTED:: )
TheRegicideKing: ((They were so doing each other.))
bluebite JUNKY: [I have to go @_@]
dive to azure: (bye~!)
K9 Philosopher: ((Buhbye!))
TheRegicideKing: ((See ya! Nice meeting you!))
bluebite JUNKY: [same to you ^^ nighht]
bluebite JUNKY has left the room.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: You're like them only there's only one of you and you're cooler than both of them.
dive to azure: Rika: Yeah, you said one was lame and was always water. ::giggle::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::nods:: Just watching everyone turned me off to comic books, though. Why read about them when you see people doing the same stuff right in front of you?
dive to azure: Rika: I suppose you're right.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Comes back with a big book, flips through pages:: Let's see, unicorns are stupid... be a griffin. ::Shows her a page::
dive to azure: Rika: ::stares at it for a moment:: Okay, here goes.
dive to azure: Rika: ::transform-u!::
dive to azure: (had to add the stupid 'u'...sorry)
dive to azure: Griffon!Rika: ::squawk::
TheRegicideKing: ((Hahaha. It's okay.))
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::claps! Standing ovation!::
K9 Philosopher: ((Oh anime. How you influence our language.))
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Claps too!::
Saki and Cremola: (Back Xx)
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Can I touch you?
dive to azure: Griffin!Rika: ::flaps wings and does slight head nod::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::all happy about talking to Sakura, bounding back up towards the floor allotted to Projects::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::pats Griffin!Rika's beak::
TheRegicideKing: ((No, Torsten, you're supposed to bow first or it will attack!))
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ::Is looking for Saki::
dive to azure: (Hippogriff!Rika: ::4tt4ck0rz!1:: )
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::heading back to the communal area thing::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Now see... you can make people believe in magical things again.
dive to azure: Griffin!Rika: ::changes back to Normal!Rika::
dive to azure: Rika: Wow. I didn't know I could do stuff like that!
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Smiles::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::still has his hand on her while she changes... removes his hand from her face.::
Saki and Cremola: (Omg cheating on Ren :O)
dive to azure: Rika: ::slight blush:: Keep it a secret, okay? I don't want to get in trouble.
TheRegicideKing: ((Hahaha! Project love triangle!))
dive to azure: ((Torsten is a man-whore!)
K9 Philosopher: ((Yeah Torsten! ::Gives thumbs-up::))
TheRegicideKing: ((Girls just love his scrawny figure and pale complexion.))
dive to azure: (Complete turn on.)
K9 Philosopher: ((Acne = teh hot.))
dive to azure: Rika: Anything else you want to see? :D
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Can you turn into someone else?
dive to azure: Rika: Sure, that is easy! ::turns into Katja::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Is impressed:: Can you tell the difference, Torsten?
dive to azure: Katja!Rika: The only problem is I'm given away by my eyes. ::points to them::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Just wear sunglasses.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::looks at both of their eyes closely:: Hmm... yeah...
dive to azure: Rika: ::turns back:: That is the easiest solution.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::lalala proceed::
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: Saki.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::immediately stops looking happy and freezes:: ...What?
dive to azure: Rika: Heh, any more requests?
TheRegicideKing: ((Wilhelm: You sure are pretteh... My name's Chuck... (I think you all know the rest) ))
dive to azure: (*die*)
K9 Philosopher: ((LOL... my god, Wilhelm, you're bad.))
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Can you mix forms?
Saki and Cremola: (::waits for Wilhelm to appear on perverted-justice.com:: )
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: I'd like to talk to you.
dive to azure: Rika: The griffin was mixed form, right?
Saki and Cremola: Saki: What'd I do this time?
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Yeah, but it was from a picture.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: You did nothing wrong.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::looks suspicious:: You're not going to hurt me, then?
dive to azure: Rika: ::concentrates and gets no response:: Nope, I was concentrating on part bear and snake and got nothing.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: My guess is that it needs to be physically possible.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: I don't have to be your enemy.
dive to azure: Rika: That might just be it. ^_^;
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Then what about the griffin? Unless it really existed once?
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::looks blank:: Little late for that.
dive to azure: Rika: Well, it is a bit more reasonable then bear/snake. :D
dive to azure: *than
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: At lest the anatomy is somewhat similar.
dive to azure: (wow, this is the most I've used Rika EVER)
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: I know you don't trust me. But I need to know a few things.
dive to azure: Rika: I can't also transform other objects.
dive to azure: *can
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Oh, really? Like what?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: That makes sense. You need to transform into other living objects, otherwise you'd be dead.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: I hear Sakura has been talking to you?
TheRegicideKing: ((What about Blanka, has he been talking to you?))
K9 Philosopher: Katja: I'm glad this is happening. ::Is really obviously drugged::
K9 Philosopher: ((::Dies::))
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Is it a problem if she has...? ::looks kinda nervous::
dive to azure: (or Ken?)
Saki and Cremola: (NO. >O IT WAS DHALSIM.)
dive to azure: (not Rose?!)
TheRegicideKing: ((Oh yeah, Saki loves it when Ken talks to her. XD))
Saki and Cremola: (Rose fucking sucks >__>)
dive to azure: (she did. XD)
dive to azure: (Guy rocked my socks though()
TheRegicideKing: ((To be honest, I liked King of Fighters better, but I never had a Neo Geo...))
dive to azure: Rika: ::flips through book:: Ooh, this is interesting. Dragons...had the ability to fly and breathe fire.
Saki and Cremola: (I'm in love with Guy. XD;; )
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: She's an interesting case. She is insane, however.
dive to azure: (he seriously was my favourite for a long time)
Saki and Cremola: (And Kyo from KoF, for that matter ::dies:: )
dive to azure: (Yuri. :D)
TheRegicideKing: ((Nothing compares to Batshit Crazy!Iori!))
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ...No, she isn't.
dive to azure: (aside from Batshit Crazy!Leona)
dive to azure: (can't remember which game that happened though..)
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: Have you seen her records?
K9 Philosopher: ((I liked Samurai Showdown.))
dive to azure: Rika: Uhm, step back. I might need some room for this one.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Steps back::
TheRegicideKing: ((Leona appeared in '96 so... Let's see...))
TheRegicideKing: torsten: ::steps back::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::snorts:: She said this would happen.
dive to azure: Rika: ::transforms into dragon:: GrOowl!
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: O.O
dive to azure: Rika: ::snort steam::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::has a nerdgasm::
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: What else did she say?
K9 Philosopher: Katja: :O
dive to azure: (NERDGASM!)
K9 Philosopher: ((LOL, I love whoever came up with that term.))
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Not to tell you anything she told me.
dive to azure: Rika: ::blows a little spurt of fire so as not to catch anything on fire::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: SMAUG! ::fanboy glee!::
dive to azure: (Smaug?)
dive to azure: Rika: ::dragon!blink::
TheRegicideKing: ((the dragon from The Hobbit.))
dive to azure: (oh yeah~)
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Sees it::
dive to azure: Rika: ::flaps wings a little and has huge urge to fly::
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: Unfortunately, her wishes are not as important as the project.
dive to azure: (Rika: I'm so gonna get caught~)
Saki and Cremola: Saki: You think she's insane, you why do you care what she told me?
Saki and Cremola: *so why
dive to azure: Rika: ::change back:: I had the HUGEST urge to fly.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: It's a shame there was no room!
dive to azure: Rika: Maybe I'll try it in the garden one day when nobody is looking.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: Data on her is needed. This has never happened before, what she does. And you will cooperate.
dive to azure: Rika: I might even give rides. X3
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: That would be amazing!
K9 Philosopher: Katja: I'd love a ride. *_*
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Will I.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Yeah, I'd one, too!
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Next time we have a mission together why don't you take us?
dive to azure: Rika: ::blush:: We'll try that some day.
dive to azure: Rika: Sure! :D
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I never leave the compound on missions...
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ::Pulls out the pen:: I don't want this to happen you know. It's too bad.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: I'll tell you how it was.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: It's my job to look after you guys so you don't get hurt.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::snaps:: FINE. I'll tell you. Just leave me alone for once.
dive to azure: Rika: I'll give the scientists a scare of the lifetime. :D
TheRegicideKing: ((Torsten: I'd love to ride you, Rika. ::porn star acting::))
dive to azure: (*cheesy porn music* Bo-chica-bow-wow!)
dive to azure: (brb~ X_x)
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::still nerdgasming:: Smaug.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: Step into the interrogation room, please.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: I don't like that room. Can't I tell you here?
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: No... it has to happen in there.
TheRegicideKing: ((Wilhelm: It's here or the broom closet.))
Saki and Cremola: Saki: You know I don't like that room...
K9 Philosopher: ((Oh god, what have I created.))
TheRegicideKing: ((XD))
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ::Menacingly:: Saki, don't be difficult.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::a little desperately:: Don't give me an excuse to be, then! You know I hate that room. You know it.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: I'm only going to hook you up to a lie detector.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: It will be painless.
dive to azure: Rika: ::giggle:: Smaug sounds like a funny name.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::smiles mirthlessly:: I think I know better than to lie to you. I also know better than to believe you when you say it'll be painless...nothing is ever painless.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I'll call you that from now on. ::smiles::
dive to azure: Rika: ::blink::
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: I can't take chances, unfortunately. Please do, or I will have to use force.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ::Has his hand on the pen::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::glares at him momentarily, but does as she's told::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: That'll be your nickname.
dive to azure: Rika: ^_^;; ::doesn't know how to respond::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Is starting to come down::
dive to azure: Rika: I have a nickname. :D
dive to azure: Marina: ::seamstress!::
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::yay :D::
K9 Philosopher: Allen: ::Works on fiddling with the weapons:: Do they have to all die?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: My nickname is Count Zero, but most people just call me the Count.
dive to azure: Rika: Count...Zero?
K9 Philosopher: Katja: I don't really have one.
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: The people at the top, certainly.
dive to azure: Rika: Kat? :D?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: It's from a novel I read. Yeah, Kat sounds good!
dive to azure: Rika: Which novel?
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Okay... I mean, it's a good name.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: "Count Zero" by William Gibson.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ::Heads in::
dive to azure: Rika: Oh, what was it about?
Saki and Cremola: (Saki would be vomiting profusely at all the camaraderie XD)
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::waits, sulkily::
dive to azure: (Rika is getting something she has never had. So Saki can bite me or Rika might accidentally breathe some fire. XD)
K9 Philosopher: Allen: I mean, it's just... a lot of people are just doing their jobs there. The lower ones.
dive to azure: Marina: ::fa-la-la being a good seamstress::
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ::Gets it ready, hooks it up to her::
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::quietly:: You wouldn't understand. You've never been there.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: It's a science fiction novel about hackers and big business. That kind of thing.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::looks bored, as if it's happened a million times before::
dive to azure: Rika: I get it! That is right up your alley!
K9 Philosopher: Allen: I've had a few experiences... I know people who've developed horrible things.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: Did you really talk with Sakura?
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::still quietly, but a lot more firmly:: You don't know.
dive to azure: Marina: ::sew, hem, stitch, etc::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::boredly:: Yes...
dive to azure: Rika: I don't know when my next mission is so it might be a while. Until then I can only afford to fly one at a time in the garden as a griffin. :D
K9 Philosopher: Allen: We're preventing people from dying ultimately... I guess we have to be sort of altruistic.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: That sounds like it'll be great!
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: How often do you speak with her?
Saki and Cremola: Saki: In my sleep.
dive to azure: Rika: :D It is a beautiful thing to fly.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: How often?
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: Every night?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::nods:: I feel like I'm flying whenever I use my power.
dive to azure: Rika: It is a really neat experience.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: No...when she feels up to it, I suppose.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Feels kind of open:: Sometimes mine listen and talk to me... it's weird, I guess.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Just like... it feels kind of like mine are alive sometimes.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: Does she talk to any of the others?
dive to azure: Rika: Not really. When I transform I can understand whatever animal I am's speech.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Hmm... Maybe they are...
Saki and Cremola: Saki: They're not worth it. ::smirks:: She told me.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ::Watches the detector::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::not lying::
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: What sort of things does she tell you?
Saki and Cremola: Saki: What she dreams.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: And what does she dream about?
Saki and Cremola: Saki: The future.
dive to azure: Rika: That'd be an interesting theory. Are shadows alive?
dive to azure: Rika: ::slowly turning into d0rk4g3::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: They have their own language.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Maybe it's something that your mind has to do to make them move. Maybe it needs to give them personalities...
dive to azure: Rika: Do you imagine them as people?
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Well, not language so much as... you can feel what happens. I can only hear them when I manipulate them... they're not quite like people. They're very grounded and matter-of-fact... they don't do formalities.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: And I ask them to move for me. They're not tools.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: What happens in the future?
dive to azure: Rika: Neat.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Hmm...
Saki and Cremola: Saki: People die.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: That happens naturally. Be specific.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: But... they sort of understand me better than anyone else I've ever known.
dive to azure: Rika: Hmm.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: I don't know specifics. She doesn't tell me.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::nods:: I know exactly what you mean.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Do you?
dive to azure: Rika: I feel like animals understand me better than most others. ::shrug::
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ::Decides to change his approach:: I wish for you to give me detailed accounts of the things she has showed you. What you see.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: The internet. I can see it... and it feels like home. I feel more at home when my mind is crawling all across the internet than when it's inside my body...
Saki and Cremola: Saki: I can't describe it.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ::Watches the lie detector::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::really can't::
dive to azure: Rika: I don't ever really feel at home except in the air.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ::Frustrated::
dive to azure: Rika: Flying so that the only thing around me is wind and the ground is miles below.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::shrugs::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: We're just so lucky. ::Kind of sits on the floor, looking kind of tired and downtrodden::
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: I'd like to make a request of you.
dive to azure: Rika: ::yawns:: All that changing has me a little tired.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: I can't spy for you. You don't trust me, either.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::puts VNV Nation back on.::
dive to azure: (LieDetector: LYING LYING LYING!)
dive to azure: Rika: ::nods head lightly with beat::
K9 Philosopher: ((I'm reminded of that Mr. Show sketch personally.))
dive to azure: (reminds me of that show Doug a long time ago and Mr. Dink)
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: That reminds me, I need to finish my program.
dive to azure: Rika: ::with eyes closed:: Program?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: It's something so that if anything happens to me, I'll be safe.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: I know that. I'd like you to sleep with a readout of your brainwaves. I have ways of knowing things you aren't aware of, and they'll hurt you. Like even the pen can't match.
dive to azure: Rika: Sort of like trapping yourself in the internet?
K9 Philosopher: Katja: The shadows will always know me... it'll be like I'll live on in a way nobody can access.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Sort of... I read about it in a Gibson book and I like the idea...
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Can you really do that?
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Sakura isn't going to hurt me.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: In a way, yes, I can.
dive to azure: Rika: ::transforms into a dog and lays head on paws::
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: That remains to be seen. Would you like a sample of what will happen if you misbehave?
TheRegicideKing: The program works like a worm, kind of like Sasser or Sobig... but it holds all the data that makes up me in it...
dive to azure: Rika: ::bark!::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: No.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: I thought so. The only other thing I wish of you is to try and socialize with the others more.
dive to azure: Rika: ::doggie-fizzle-fo-shizzle::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: I...don't like them.
TheRegicideKing: ((lol!))
dive to azure: (couldn't resist! XD)
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::pets Rika:: Now you're Padfoot.
K9 Philosopher: ((Hee!))
dive to azure: Rika: *all these nicknames...*
dive to azure: Rika: ::bark!::
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: I believe it would be beneficial for you to have relations with others.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::bobs his head to the music::
dive to azure: Rika: ::doggie-snoozle:: (XD)
TheRegicideKing: ((Saki gonna have relaations! Saki gonna have relaations!))
dive to azure: (she is gonna get pissed off and hurt someone. XD)
Saki and Cremola: Saki: I don't like them. Rika is a stupid show-off, Katja is annoying, Ren is weird, Matt never speaks and Torsten I just plain dislike. Riu is the only person I can stand.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::sneezes:: Someone is talking about me...
K9 Philosopher: Katja: What?
dive to azure: Rika: ::turns back:: Old, old...thing.
dive to azure: Rika: When someone is talking about you behind your back you sneeze.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: Talk to Riu then. Any other staff you feel close to as well.
dive to azure: (Seiki: :D?)
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: It's an old superstition. I find it to be quaint.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::pouts, looks unchracteristically petulant for a moment:: I don't like the staff, either. Although I liked Leon.
dive to azure: (Seiki: T_T)
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: It's unfortunate what happened to him. He was a good soldier.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Nothing happened to him...
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Superstitions I always found odd.
dive to azure: Rika: Typically they are.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: And proverbs.
dive to azure: (Social!Rika)
Saki and Cremola: (Honestly, she just misses the sex. j/k)
dive to azure: (OH YES! SQUALL-I mean LEON!)
K9 Philosopher: ((Heh. Angel.))
dive to azure: Seiki: ::work~::
dive to azure: Marina: ::SEAMSTRESS~::
dive to azure: (wow, I can NOT multi-task with characters.)
Saki and Cremola: (XD You're doing okay.)
TheRegicideKing: ((Hahaha! Oh, Saki you little slut. Fucking all the boys but you had to steal a guard! ::points gun!::))
K9 Philosopher: ((I'm typically best with two.))
dive to azure: (I'm too sloppy to handle more than two, but tonight I can only concentrate on Rika.)
Saki and Cremola: (Shut it, Hirono XD)
TheRegicideKing: ((Hahaha! ::looks over at his BR cosplay costume longingly.::))
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: If you're good... I might be able to work something out where he comes back.
dive to azure: (*coughyeahrighcough*)
Saki and Cremola: Saki: What, and let me be happy? God forbid you do that.
dive to azure: Rika: ::stretches a little:: What else you got on your pc, Count?
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: Consider it a reward for good behavior. And his service is up for review.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Tons of music, lots of intrusion programs, and Lineage.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::frowns, puzzled:: But you hated him and I being together.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Explain to me Lineage.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Lineage is a massively multiplayer online role playing game. You sign on and go adventuring with thousands of other people!
dive to azure: Rika: Sounds great! Um...but how can you just adventure? Is there a person you play?
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: There's a lot more to me than just the side you see.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::shrugs:: Can I go now?
K9 Philosopher: Katja: After VR simulations, video games seem lacking sometimes.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: You may go.
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ::Wishes he had a mind-reader right now::
dive to azure: Rika: I'm not really good at video games or VR simulations.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Yeah, you play as a character. You get to customize them and make them stronger as you fight.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::shakes her head and leaves the room, heading back on her way to her own::
dive to azure: Rika: Neat! What kind of character are you?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: VR simulations are lacking compared to the raw internet.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: In some ways. I don't feel the rush I occasionally do in VR... the sense of urgency, even the pain your body feels when you make a mistake.
dive to azure: Seiki: ::writing to Kazuo~::
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::scribbling psych reports for everyone::
dive to azure: Marina: ::working on pants~::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I'm a warrior! Even though I'm useless in a fight here, there I can kick ass.
dive to azure: Rika: You're not useless! ::protest!::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I was never given any kind of physical training. Hell, walking steps is hard for me.
dive to azure: Marina: ...the more you ruv someone the more you want to kirr dem...::stitch, hem, sew::
TheRegicideKing: ((lol!))
K9 Philosopher: Katja: I have to do physical training much of the day.
dive to azure: Rika: Every once in a while for me.
K9 Philosopher: Allen: ::Fiddles with a virus::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: They never even taught me how to throw a punch. I can see why. By the very nature of my power it's unnessecary for me to fight.
dive to azure: Marina: ...the more you ruv someone the more he making you cly...sometimes you rook at him and onry see fat and razy and wanting baseball bat for hitting over his head...::stitch::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::sneers at them all on her way past, going to go talk to Sakura through the wall of her room::
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ::Oh yeah, sends for the brainwave thing::
K9 Philosopher: Allen: ::Looks at Marina::
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: o__o;;
dive to azure: Marina: Ruv...and hate...they like two brothers...who go on a date...where one of them goes...other one follows...::stops singing:: O_o; Oh, yeah...pants are done.
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: I wish the singing was...
dive to azure: Marina: X_x; Well, I get bored when I sew!
K9 Philosopher: Wilhelm: ::Goes to where Chelsea is:: It was a mess.
dive to azure: Rika: You're far from useless!
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: That much is probably to be expected.
dive to azure: Rika: You can use mad hacking skills and take over the defense systems if you wanted! That is not useless! :D
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Oh, I know that. It just doesn't help much when Saki decides to pummel me.
dive to azure: Rika: ...I can help.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Next time... next time I'll be ready for her.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::smiles serenely as she goes past:: Doubt it.
dive to azure: Rika: ::lets out a tigers growl::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Shut up, Saki.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ... I have this, though... ::takes the pen out of his pocket::
dive to azure: Rika: What is THAT?
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Yes, you have that, and as I told you. It's not only going to be me you're hurting. It'll hurt you worse. ::grins::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: It's what Wilhelm uses to keep her in line.
dive to azure: Rika: What does it do?
dive to azure: (Rika: ::turns into CURIOUS MONKEY!::)
K9 Philosopher: ((Oook!))
dive to azure: Seiki: ::la-la-la, writing~ being a lazy scientist~::
dive to azure: Marina: ::stopped singing but resorts to singing now::
dive to azure: *humming
dive to azure: (braindead~)
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Let me show you... ::presses down the button, the pain makes all of them feel excruciating pain. Falls to his knees, clutching his head, still holding the button because his hand has clamped down on the pen.::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Screams!::
dive to azure: Rika: ::screams and passes out::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::through gritted teeth:: I fucking TOLD YOU. ::it's affecting her less, but it still hurts::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Manages to reach over, barely, and swat it out of Torsten's hands::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::lets go of the button as it flies out of his hand.::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: You're all...so stupid.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: What in our history together makes you think I'd believe a damn word you'd say, Saki... ::panting::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Checks on Rika::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Well, sweetheart, I just proved it. ::sneer::