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Saki Hanamori [userpic]
[OOC] RP Log #2~ (Part 2)
by Saki Hanamori (saki_hanamori)
at June 20th, 2004 (09:03 am)
current song: Here Comes Your Man- The Pixies

LJ sucks and has a character limit on entries. This is PART TWO of tonight's log.
dive to azure: Rika: Don't...ever...do that again.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::kneels by Rika and Katja:: I'm so sorry... I didn't expect that to happen...
dive to azure: Rika: ::rubs forehead:: Ouch.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: I'd forgotten how much that hurts... ::Is out of breath::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::shrug:: Told ya.
dive to azure: Rika: ::mumbles something about Smaug::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Are you okay?.. ::looks as if he's about to cry::
dive to azure: Rika: ...fine, really.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: I've taken worse.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::sneers, it's not even a question:: You won't try that again in a hurry, will you.
dive to azure: Rika: It just surprised me, like always.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Go to hell.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: They've... never had to use it on me... I thought it only affected one at a time...
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Don't make me hurt you again, Katja. ::smiles::
dive to azure: Rika: ::eyes change to the dragon's and mumbles about being too tired::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Has her hand on a syringe of stuff kind of like -Drive-, just in case::
K9 Philosopher: ((And yes, it has to have the dashes.))
K9 Philosopher: ((Always.))
Saki and Cremola: (-Drive-. <3 Xenogears.)
K9 Philosopher: ((Damn right!))
TheRegicideKing: ((Sort of like -LAMBS-?))
Saki and Cremola: (Reminds me of the old Xenogears RP...)
dive to azure: (>_> inside jokes~)
K9 Philosopher: ((Don't drink and -Drive.-))
Saki and Cremola: (Vance is my ultimate. Ever.)
K9 Philosopher: ((Beer muscles like you wouldn't believe.))
Saki and Cremola: (Christine and I totally wore that joke out for about...a year.)
K9 Philosopher: ((Whoa, that was actually a joke?))
K9 Philosopher: ((::Did not know, wasn't in the RPG.::))
Saki and Cremola: (Drink and -Drive- was, I came up with it in the first ever Xenogears game XD)
K9 Philosopher: ((Hot.))
Saki and Cremola: (That's why it was all over mine and Christine's profiles and journals. XD)
dive to azure: (and thus the chat is lost! XD)
Saki and Cremola: (Doesn't have to be >O)
K9 Philosopher: ((Poor thing!))
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::gathers up his laptop and walks off quickly, trying not to cry.::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::dearly, dearly wants him to::
dive to azure: Rika: ::gets up off the floor and changes into a tiger, follows him::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ... Are you happy now?
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Not really...he didn't cry. ::shrugs::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: You're a disgusting creature. ::Leaves::
dive to azure: Rika: ::following Torsten at a slow pace::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::grins:: Takes one to know one.
dive to azure: (Saki: 1 Katja: 0)
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::picks up the discarded pen and pockets it, while they're not watching::
dive to azure: (DUM DUM DUUUUUUUUUUM)
K9 Philosopher: ((Katja, you just got ZINGED!!!! Zing of the daaaay.))
Saki and Cremola: (She's not going to do anything with it, apart from keep it)
dive to azure: (You got served~)
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::glances behind him:: Rika...
K9 Philosopher: ((I guess we just got goth-served.))
dive to azure: Rika: ::tiger/purr?::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I'm sorry.
dive to azure: Rika: ::runs around him and changes back:: It's fine! I was surprised, that is all!
dive to azure: Rika: Saki is a jerk anyways...I'll remember to "accidentally" land on her as a dragon at some point. :D
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: She just gets me so mad...
dive to azure: Rika: ...she's weird.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::smiles:: Thanks.
dive to azure: Rika: ::smile!:: No problem.
dive to azure: Marina: ::finishes uniform for the sake of story~::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I'll apologize to Katja next time I see her...
dive to azure: Rika: She'll understand.
K9 Philosopher: Allen: Let's see it.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: It's a good thing Ren left or I'd feel even worse...
dive to azure: Marina: ::holds it up::
dive to azure: Rika: Yeah, I can understand...
K9 Philosopher: Allen: That's what the uniforms look like? I've known about it, but have never actually been in the compound.
dive to azure: Marina: >_> I just followed the picture, bucko.
dive to azure: Marina: ¬_¬; ...besides, it looks just like the picture.
dive to azure: Rika: Whadda we do now?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::sighs::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I'm going to get a breath of fresh air. Wanna come?
K9 Philosopher: Allen: What weapons do you usually use?
dive to azure: Rika: ::nods:: I'm cooped up.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Is in the garden, pretty much fuming::
dive to azure: Marina: Cremola?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::walks toward the garden::
dive to azure: Rika: ::follows~::
dive to azure: Marina: I personally don't usually meddle with guns. I have my projectiles. Ya'know, like arrows...poison darts...beautiful ranged stuff.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::turns on some music along the way, Ladytron.::
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: I don't do weapons. ^^;; I'm strictly behind the scenes. The mastermind, if you will.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::in her room now, palms pressed against the wall, talking to Sakura::
K9 Philosopher: Allen: I've never actually used one.
K9 Philosopher: ((Sakura: Hold on... dammit, Guile wants to use the phone.))
Saki and Cremola: (XD!)
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::walks out into the garden, spots Katja:: Hey, Katja...
dive to azure: Marina: ¬_¬; They're not my department...but there are a few in the equipment room.
dive to azure: Rika: ::sits under and tree to rest~, blah-blah~::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Gives him a look:: ...hi. ::Coldly::
dive to azure: (Seiki: ::mile away:: I SENSE COLDNESS! >O)
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I am so sorry... I didn't expect it would hurt us as well... I only wanted to hurt Saki!
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Still coldly:: Don't worry about it. ::Is sort of "cuddling" one of the shadows as best she can::
Saki and Cremola: (Tsk, tsk, Mr I-Don't-Want-To-Hurt-Anybody. XD)
dive to azure: (shadow!sex)
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I'm glad you understand...
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Yeah. I really hate her.
dive to azure: Marina: ...cause we are indestructible...yes we are...and you are my life...line. ::sing~::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::sits down by Rika::
dive to azure: Rika: So we all share something. We hate Saki. ::accomplishment!::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: It seems so.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: I could probably kill her... say it was in self defense. ::Actually seems serious::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::well, fuck you guys too::
dive to azure: Rika: ::XO!::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I don't know...
dive to azure: Rika: Oh, how much fun it would've been turning her into a burnt twig. :D
dive to azure: Rika: Then she couldn't be mean ever again. XO
dive to azure: Marina: ::goes on singing whilst looking through weapons:: Cremola?! Which ones would you recommend seeing as how you know what the guards carried?
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::like you could even get close enough XO::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Would you be an alibi?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Odds are I'll be her support on her next mission... Matt does it sometimes, it would seem, but he's not as good as me... Oh, if I accidentally slipped up, she'd be gone...
dive to azure: Rika: ::BRING IT. XD!::
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: Standard issue stuff...a couple have Beretta 9mm pistols, some of them have Glock 17s. Of course, some of them have none.
dive to azure: Marina: ::picks up a few whilst walking around them and continues singing::
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::grins:: It's not like a bullet could stop some of them, anyway...
dive to azure: Marina: Yeah...thats true.
Saki and Cremola: (I wish I could tote a gun ;__; )
dive to azure: (>_>; Its not that splendid.)
Saki and Cremola: (I have a thing about them :D;; )
dive to azure: (>_>;; You can have my brother's rifle.)
dive to azure: (He doesn't need it, he has a JOB. XD)
Saki and Cremola: (I don't like rifles, I like handguns.)
dive to azure: (eh. XD)
dive to azure: Marina: At which case you are probably screwed anyways.
K9 Philosopher: Allen: What information do we have about the ones that wouldn't be stopped anyway?
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::slight smile:: I was friends with most of those.
dive to azure: Rika: ::change-u into griffin:: SQUAWK!
TheRegicideKing: ((Well, they're handling kids who can set them on fire with a thought.))
dive to azure: ((yeah, too true.))
K9 Philosopher: ((And a few of them might not want to leave.))
dive to azure: ((BAD PSYCHIC! ::gun noises:: ))
TheRegicideKing: ((XD))
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::smiles:: Good one, Smaug.
dive to azure: Rika: ::flaps wings idly::
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: Of course, there're always the ones who won't want to leave. Poor things, they have no idea.
dive to azure: Marina: They must really be disillusioned about the world outside.
K9 Philosopher: Allen: It's all about what you're taught unfortunately.
Saki and Cremola: (I'd imagine a lot of people feel bitter towards Cremola for escaping and not taking them with her, cause of course they won't know what she's plotting...except Sakura, who can't say anything.)
TheRegicideKing: ((Yeah, Torsten hates her for leaving.))
dive to azure: (cause Guile has the phone line tied up with calls to Charlie...)
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: The amount of drugs that're forced on some of them is barbaric.
K9 Philosopher: ((Katja just thinks she's a traitor.))
Saki and Cremola: (Saki doesn't care, because she'd do the exact same thing and not even bother to try and get the others out)
dive to azure: (Rika is just a naive idiot XD)
TheRegicideKing: ((Aww. ::hugs Rika::))
K9 Philosopher: ((Rika is awesome.))
dive to azure: (^_^; ...doesn't stop her from being naive)
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::talking up a storm :D::
K9 Philosopher: Allen: How did you get out?
dive to azure: Rika: ::hovers a little off the ground:: 83
dive to azure: Marina: Burrowed out with SPOONS?
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: It's ironic, really, but they trained me to camoflage easily into any surrounding. It was easy after a little while thinking about it.
TheRegicideKing: ((Cremola got out by picking locks with a deck of racey playing cards, a broom handle, and a fork.))
dive to azure: (ooh! better than that guy who would use random objects to make cool stuff!)
K9 Philosopher: Allen: Why don't you just use the power to get back in and bust them out?
K9 Philosopher: ((MacGuyver rocks the heezee.))
TheRegicideKing: ((McGuyver!))
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: ::smiles gravely:: I've lost most of that ability, I'm afraid.
dive to azure: (MacGuyver! yeah!)
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: And half of them will resent me for leaving without them, anyway.
dive to azure: Marina: Which blows cause it would be a GODSEND right about now.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::watches Rika:: XD
dive to azure: Rika: ::lands:: >_>;
K9 Philosopher: Allen: Was it the drugs that gave you the powers?
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: No, but they kept them at the forefront.
dive to azure: Marina: So if you concentrated uber hard, you'd be able to use them?
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: It'd probably give me a coronary.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::claps for Rika::
dive to azure: Marina: @_x; Positive energy just radiating from you!
dive to azure: Rika: ::stares at him:: ^_^;;
K9 Philosopher: Allen: It'd be nice if there was a way for them to develop the powers without doing... what they do.
Saki and Cremola: Cremola: You need to practice every day to keep stuff like that down. I haven't been. I don't want it anymore.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Is kind of tired::
dive to azure: Rika: ::walks over to Torsten and flaps wings/squawk::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::smiles and pats Rika on the head::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Leaning up against a tree... does like the garden::
dive to azure: Rika: ::rolls griffin eyes and rolls them back towards her back:: @_x;
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Huh? ::isn't very good at taking hints::
dive to azure: Rika: ::gets down so her back is right in front of him:: SQUAWK. >O
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Oh! ::stands up and climbs on Rika's back:: Sorry.
K9 Philosopher: ((Now that she's a Griffin... can she turn into Peter Griffin?))
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::walks out into the garden, looking for someone:: Katja? Can I see you for a little while? It's time for your appointment.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Nods:: ::Gets up::
dive to azure: (Hmm...Stewie maybe...StewieRika: SPLENDID! This calls for a sexy party!)
K9 Philosopher: ((LOL.))
dive to azure: Rika: ::sweatdrop/hides as best as possible::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Er... O.O
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::leads her into her office:: Now, I've got the results of your psych tests back.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Nods:: Is everything optimal?
dive to azure: Rika: ::flies into the air once they're gone:: *Phew?*
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: She didn't seem to care that there was a giant griffin in the garden...
dive to azure: Rika: ^_^;;
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: Not really, I'm afraid.
dive to azure: Rika: ::flies REALLY high::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Whoa! ::holds on to Rika tightly, does the Harry Potter/Titanic thing!::
dive to azure: (KING OF THE WORLD BITCHES! >O)
K9 Philosopher: ((::Sings:: But not as high, as maybe, dirigibles or zeppelins or lightbulbs!))
TheRegicideKing: ((And maybe clouds!))
K9 Philosopher: ((And puffins maybe they go quite high too!))
dive to azure: ((WE LOVE DA MOOON~)
TheRegicideKing: ((But not as high as the moon!))
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::yelling:: This is great!
K9 Philosopher: Katja: It's something that can be worked around.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: Katja, there's a lot of hatred evident in all of the behavioural tests. Would you like to talk about it? Remember, anything you tell me is in the strictest confidence- it doesn't go out of this room.
dive to azure: Rika: ::fly, Titanic thing, buckbeak's theme playing conveniantly on Count's PC::
TheRegicideKing: ((lol!))
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Saki's obvious. But most of them just don't get what I get.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: Why do you hate her so much?
dive to azure: (Rika: WHY NOT?!)
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::leans his head against Rika's back::
dive to azure: Rika: ::DEATH DEFY::
Saki and Cremola: (Shut up, hermit, you don't even know her XD)
K9 Philosopher: Katja: She's idiotic, annoying, and she wants to leave. She's too weak to acknowledge what really matters. That's this.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: Most of the Projects want to leave, Katja.
dive to azure: (Rika is worse than the Knight Bus!)
TheRegicideKing: ((Hahaha!))
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::screams!::
dive to azure: Rika: ::stunts! death defying tricks!::
dive to azure: (it doesn't help that I'm listening to Dir en grey)
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Going... to... vomit...
dive to azure: Rika: ::stops being such a show-off:: ^_^;;
K9 Philosopher: Katja: It's not so bad here if you just do what you're told. I always feel different though. They all had parents. I was raised by the Project.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: So of course I love it.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::nods:: I know it's different. We're going to lower the dosage of drugs you're receiving, because at the moment it's stupidly high and it's going to do you some real harm.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: *whew...*
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Protests:: I need them to function!
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: No, you don't.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: I know what I need.
dive to azure: Rika: ::lands:: @_x; *Wow, musn't death defy anymore...*
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: No, Katja. You don't. We know better than you.
dive to azure: (buuuuurn)
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::climbs off of Rika's back:: That was amazing...
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Looks afraid about arguing:: How do you know me better than myself?
dive to azure: Rika: ::turns back:: @_@;; whew~
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: Katja, you were practically created by the Project. Trust me, I know. You don't need all of those drugs...you're strong enough without them.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I only wish I could do something that cool for you!
dive to azure: Rika: @_x; Don't worry about it. ::sits down to regain head::
dive to azure: Rika: ::goes to bed!:: (corn~)
Saki and Cremola: (I love the random, sudden going to bed XD)
TheRegicideKing: ((lol.))
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Even though I was created by it Saki still got the best of me. After all Dr. Reinbach telling me how special I was... I could have beaten her if I had the drug at the moment.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: It's doubtful. She fights dirty.
K9 Philosopher: ((Katja: Her power level is too high! I must train under King Kai and grow stronger so I must win! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!))
Saki and Cremola: (XDDD)
TheRegicideKing: ((o.o))
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::lays back on the grass and wonders if he can make his construct love::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: I was supposed to be the best. Something like... her doing that isn't how it's supposed to happen. What about when she finally snaps and starts trying to kill Torsten and Rika?
K9 Philosopher: Katja: It's going to be me that has to stop her. And don't say that's not gonna happen.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::thinks that she'd probably kill Katja first, but doesn't say it:: You don't need the drugs, Katja. ::firmly::
TheRegicideKing: ((Katja: I do it for the druuuuugs!))
K9 Philosopher: Katja: Do you remember the time I was in solitary without them? I nearly killed the guard.
K9 Philosopher: ((XD))
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: I'm not saying you won't have any, I'm saying you're getting less.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::ponders life, the universe, and perl::
Saki and Cremola: (XD!)
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::done conversing, goes to sit outside and studiously ignore Torsten::
K9 Philosopher: Katja: I can't deal with having less. They've been working on me less and now you want me to have fewer?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: *#!/USR/BIN/PERL/42...*
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: There's nothing you can do about it, honestly. Just stop convincing yourself you need them.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Is silent::
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: You're dismissed.
K9 Philosopher: Katja: ::Leaves without a word::
TheRegicideKing: ((I still keep wanting to type Liam...))
Saki and Cremola: (Liiiiiam <3)
TheRegicideKing: ((Aww hell...))
K9 Philosopher: ((I almost typed Althea a couple times. Liam = the best.))
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::thinking about stuff::
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::sighs, going back to her reports::
TheRegicideKing: Liam: ::in his apartment, packing for the flight to Japan as he listens to Johnny Cash and enjoys a cognac dipped Al Capone. Looks over to Charon, who hoots happily.:: Yes, Charon. I've got a new job in Japan, and we're leaving...
TheRegicideKing: ((::works on his profile:: XD))
Saki and Cremola: (LIIIIIIIIIIIAM)
K9 Philosopher: ((:O))
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::rolls over onto her stomach, speaking in an unusually soft voice:: Torsten, why'd you tell them about me and Leon?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: It seemed like an inappropriate relationship. It needed to be stopped before the project suffered from it.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::blinks:: Inappropriate?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: A guard's relationship with a project, any project, should be strictly professional. Your relationship with that guard was not.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::surveys him coolly:: And you know that how?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I'm The Count.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: That's not a real answer.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: There is never a real answer, because there is never a real...
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::blink:: Torsten, I asked you a simple question. I'd like a simple answer for once.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: All we see is an image, and that image is many things. It does many things. It is the reflection of basic reality. It masks and perverts a basic reality. It masks the absence of a basic reality, and it bears no relation
TheRegicideKing: to any reality whatever: It is it's own pure simulacrum.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Simple. Fucking. Answer. Really not that hard.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: You've never read Baudrillard?
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::odd look:: No. Now will you just answer me?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I knew because I can see what happens on the surveilance cameras.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::raises her eyebrows:: So you watched.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I watch everything.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: That's...pretty disgusting.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: What I was was a simulacrum. I didn't actually see you having sex with Leon. I saw a camera's representation of you and him, one that did all of those things that I mentioned.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::looks almost guilty for a moment:: Who says I did that?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: But let me say one thing. Leon was a nice guy.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ...
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I feel as if I did him a favor. If he had stayed, he would have tried something, and he would have been caught. Possibly killed.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Tried something? ::raises an eyebrow::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Well, if I were a guard, and I had fallen for one of the projects, I'd try to get them out. He would have been caught, maybe not in the act, but after an investigation of the events leading to your escape, and he would have
TheRegicideKing: been killed.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: He's not stupid. He wouldn't try that.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Love turns men into fools.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: How would you know? You don't do love, right?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::sighs:: I didn't.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::sarcastically:: You poor thing...you're becoming human. Who is it, anyways?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Access denied.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::clicks her tongue:: Like I'm going to tell anyone. I hate them all.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Including me.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::shrugs:: But you know my secret, so I should get to know yours. At least I won't run to Reinbach and get her killed.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Fair enough... It's Ren.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::raises her eyebrows:: You sure know how to pick them.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I'd expect that kind of reaction from you.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Well, I mean...god, if you tried to put the moves on her she'd probably faint. ::sniggers::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Saki, I'm sorry. I thought I was acting in your best interests, but I was wrong.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::coldly:: Yeah. You were. And next time you try to 'act in my best interests'? Ask me first.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Agreed.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::chuckles:: Yeah, Ren's so distant it's hard to gauge what her reaction would be.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: I'm telling you. She'd faint.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Wanna bet?
Saki and Cremola: Saki: She seriously would.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: She's weird.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: How much would you wager on that?
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::snort:: What're going to do, try and sleep with her?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: My intentions for her are entirely honorable.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::sniggers:: You're 18, Torsten.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Okay, so yes, I want to screw her. But that's not all. She's... delicate.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::rolls her eyes::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: I would never have though the almighty Count Zero would have had a sex drive outside of internet porn. ::sniggers::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Porn can only do so much. Besides, one look at that furry shit and you're pretty much scarred for life. The only thing that can heal you from that is the real thing.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: You've never had the real thing.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: It's just a hypothesis that I'm dying to test.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Good luck, if you're gonna try it on with Ren.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Thanks... ::chuckles:: Of course, if that fails, perhaps you'd like to make a sacrifice in the name of science?
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ME? Sleep with you? Oh, don't make me laugh.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::starts laughing:: I was making a joke.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: I should hope so.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::sighs:: I wonder if normal people ever go through things like this.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: I'm sure there are dorks who can't get laid in real life, too. ::pats his arm sympathetically::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Oh, just you watch. I've read a whole bunch of dating tips on the internet. I'm totally prepared.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Dating tips. Wow.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::nods, so proud of himself::
Saki and Cremola: (>_____> She's starting to feel friendly towards him. I DO NOT KNOW WHY.)
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Well, they probably don't work.
TheRegicideKing: ((I always felt like deep down, Torsten wanted to be Saki's friend, he was just too proud to admit it.))
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: We'll see. ::grins::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Go on, then. I'll tell you if they work.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Huh?
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::sniggers:: I said, show me. I'll tell you whether they're good or not.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ... I sense a trap...
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::shakes her head:: I'm just interested.
Saki and Cremola: (She think she knows EVERYTHING about relationships because she had ONE. >>)
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Okay...
TheRegicideKing: ((lol!))
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::starts by lookin her in the eyes and smiling::...
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ...That's kinda creepy.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Did it hurt?...
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Uh...you looking me in the eyes? ::looks confused::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: When you fell from heaven?
Saki and Cremola: Saki: OH GOD, that's terrible.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::looks confused:: What?
Saki and Cremola: Saki: That line. No. No no no.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Okay... Then let me try another one.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Okay, then.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Are you from Nashville, 'cause you're the only ten-I-see.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::shakes her head::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: No good?
Saki and Cremola: Saki: No way.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Well, I guess there's no use in trying to pretend to be smooth because she already knows I'm a dork.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::sniggers:: There is always that.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: So I guess I'll just have to find a reason to talk to her... maybe I'll learn about some of this karma stuff she keeps talking about.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: It's bullshit, but it might impress her if you pretend to care.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::nods:: It would start a conversation, at least. From there I can let her know that I'm interested and see what she makes of it.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: I'd go gently. REALLY gently. ::beams:: She seems the frigid type to me.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Funny, I always thought she was red hot.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: I hope you're being sarcastic.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: It was a joke. Ren. Hot. Fire.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: >__0 It wasn't a very good one.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: You should hear my hexidecimal riddles. They're a killer.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ...I'll pass. o__o;
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Well, I must be going. I have some work to do. ::picks up his laptop and stands:: Listen... I won't tell anyone that you were nice to me. I don't want to ruin your reputation... Thanks.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::sniggers:: No problem.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Just don't try and kill me again, okay? And I won't have to tell Sakura.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ... Okay... ::blinks::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: You remember her, don't you?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Vaguely.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: She's not dead.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Somehow I believe you...
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::cheerfully:: I talk to her.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Really? Does she talk about Ryu at all?
TheRegicideKing: ((:B))
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::confused:: Whaaaaaaaat?
Saki and Cremola: (Couldn't resist, could you XD)
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::smiles:: It's a nerd joke.
TheRegicideKing: ((Nope. XD))
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Oh. ::haughtily:: Well, not being one, I wouldn't understand.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I'll see you later... ::goes back to his room::