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Saki Hanamori [userpic]
[OOC] Saki, Torsten, Liam, Chelsea, Gertrude and Ren~
by Saki Hanamori (saki_hanamori)
at June 30th, 2004 (05:52 am)
current song: Anna and Nina- Manitoba

Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::in office. making coffee::
TheRegicideKing: Liam: ::in his office as well, drinking scotch::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::in the kitchen, gleefully licking chocolate off her fingers. Chocolate from some poor sap's birthday cake, which is now...half eaten.::
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::wherever Torsten is ^_^ ::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::nevermind that she's not supposed to be there::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::sitting, trying to meditate::
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::heads for pill room::
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::STANDING GUARD XO::
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ...::spots Chelsea:: *Damn the woman.*
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::meds nazi >O::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::can't concentrate enough to meditate.:: Ah damn...
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::tilts head to one side::
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ...::proceeds; perhaps she is not yet undone:: Hello, Chelsea...
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::saunters back into the room, still licking chocolate off her fingers:: Hey. Which loser has a birthday sometime soon?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::chuckles:: I have to give you credit, Ren, this is hard.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: You'renotgettinganymoremeds>O! I mean...hello, Gertrude. ^___^;;;
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::smiles; hugs him::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::grins and hugs:: Uhh, not me.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: I hope it's someone I really hate.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::blinks:: ...do you...mind if I step inside?
Saki and Cremola: Chel
Saki and Cremola: sea: YES. >O
TheRegicideKing: Liam: ::reading over the latest medical journals::
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::looks thoughtful:: I can't think of anyone...
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Well, whatever. It was a nice cake. They didn't deserve it, anyway.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::under her breath::...fuck.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::gently:: Gertrude, there've been A LOT of meds going missing lately.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ...there weren't -that- many...
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: *Damn, I just ratted on myself.*
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: If you get caught, you can just say Sakura's talking to you. That's pretty convenient, maybe I should start lying about that.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: Yes, there were! ::triumphant:: Seiki doesn't call me the Med Nazi behind my back for nothing, you know!
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::SCOFF:: She'd never talk to any of you guys. And anyway, Reinbach's a moron but he's not stupid enough to believe that Saku told me to go eat cake.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::slight eye twitch:: I needed them, Chelsea.
Saki and Cremola: (Yes, Chelsea is PROUD of that title. >>)
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::cheerfully:: Oh, please.
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::grins:: Like Marie Anoinette. Only not.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::tries meditating again... clears his head of all thought. Wait a minute, how can he do that, I mean, that seems pretty impossible because your mind will just think of something. Oh shit, I just had a thought. Damnit.::
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::dead serious, if a bit nervous:: I did, and I do.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::brightly:: Except that Marie Antoinette felt sorry for losers, and Sakura doesn't give a shit about you guys. ^__^
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::chuckles at Ren::
Saki and Cremola: (She just can't do it. o__o; She CAN'T be nice.)
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: Well, we would prefer you didn't EMBEZZLE them from the Project. >__>
Madscientistanon: Ren: Maybe Sakura will keep her head...::ponders::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Aww, Saki, aren't you a little too old to have an imaginary friend?
Saki and Cremola: Saki: And YOU'RE a little too old to be trying to fuck someone who looks about ten, dollie.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: I mean...that's kinda sick.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ...it was getting to be...a strain on my salary...::is soo wishing this was not happening::
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::nazi:: Well, if it continues happening, you'll find yourself with no salary.
Madscientistanon: Ren: ...fuck? ::looks confused::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::CHOKE::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::face goes blood red!::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Oh, dear, you poor little thing.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I uh... Er... Um...
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::fists clenched at sides:: Damnit Chelsea, I -need- them. You just....::runs hand through hair, messing it up::
TheRegicideKing: Liam: ::puts his scotch in his desk drawer and closes his medical journal. Goes for a walk!::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::SO AMUSED:: Oh, I had NO IDEA...this is priceless.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::icily:: The Project doesn't have the funds or the will to support your imaginary problems, Gertrude.
Madscientistanon: Ren: ...I've heard that word before...Torsten, you're blushing...what's it mean? ::not only this, but if they had sex ed, she'd have zoned out XD ::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Go on, Torstie. TELL HER. ::snigger::
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: They aren't imagined...
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: Then why don't you talk about them? Gertrude, I'm a psychiatrist. This is my job. And I'd rather you took up my time than the kids' meds.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::face is blood red, and sweating:: Errr...
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Come on. You've watched it enough times. ::thoroughly enjoying herself::
TheRegicideKing: Liam: ::stops by Gertrude and Chelsea:: Hello, ladies. ::realizes this is a bad time and feels awkward:: o.o
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::hand clenched in hair::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Ren, my intentions for you are entirely honorable. ::frozen::
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::distractedly:: Hello, Liam.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: You're eighteen. They're so not.
TheRegicideKing: ((Hahaha. Saki called him Torstie.))
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ...hello. *Trudy-side: The couch or Tate, baby? You don't want either, but either would do you some good? Whatcha say?* ...not Tate...
TheRegicideKing: Liam: ::blinks:: What?
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::looks puzzled::
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: o__o;
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: Um...Gertrude, I think you need help. o__o; ::blunt bitch :D::
TheRegicideKing: Liam: ... I concur...
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::cringes; to Liam:: Nothing. *T-side: You wonderful repressive little bitch you. Get a life. Or get therapy.* ......
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Ren, I'll put this nice and simple for you, okay honey? ::as if speaking to a rather dim child:: He ::points at Torstie:: wants you ::points at Ren:: flat ::makes a flat motion:: on your back. ::points at her back::
TheRegicideKing: Liam: Gertrude, I think you need some rest. You're overworked. It's not good for you, or any of us. You've got a birthday coming up, right? It would be a good time to relax a little.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ...
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::nods:: Liam is right. A little rest, a little less work, less stress...it would do you a world of good.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::eyes wide, watching in horror::
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::blinks. looks at Saki. looks at Torsten. looks at Saki. eyes go wide; gets it. blinks at Torsten::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Ren, please, that's not all I want.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::beams:: Clever girl.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::softly:: I can't relax...
TheRegicideKing: Liam: Well, there are drugs for that... Oh.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: Liam. >__>
TheRegicideKing: Liam: ::shuts up::
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::blushing a little; looks thoughtful:: ...well...::looks at Torsten::...we like each other, don't we?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::nods really fast:: Yes! I like you a lot...
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::amused::
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::shakes head:: I can't relax...if I relax, I remember...damnit!
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: But in a relationship, there is more than just the physical. You know that I am interested in more than the physical world. As are you, which is one reason why I like you so much...
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ...? Remember?
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::nods:: But sometimes, when people like each other enough...they do that, yes? Sometimes?
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ...nothing.
TheRegicideKing: Liam: ::giggity giggity giggity! backs away...::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::laaaughing::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Yes. They do.
Madscientistanon: ((The concept of no-strings-attached sex is foreign to Ren. Obiviously...))
TheRegicideKing: ((Okay, I can NEVER be serious with Liam unless it's a D&D game. That's pretty sad. o.o))
Madscientistanon: ((XD))
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Oh, I can see you're going to be one of those who thinks it's all about LOVE. ::snicker::
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: Obviously, it's not nothing.
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::looks at her:: ...but it is...
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::DIES LAUGHING. Just dies.::
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::the ice is breaking::...I don't want to talk about it. At least....not -here-...
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Just because you gave it up to the first guy who wanted to give it to you doesn't mean you're an expert on this, Saki.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: Well, that's what my office is for. Anything said in there stays in there.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::fume:: Who said I did THAT?!
Madscientistanon: Ren: O.O
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::chuckles:: A little perl script told me.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::she so did:: And ANYWAY, I clearly know a lot more than either of you guys. >__>
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::has VIRGIN stamped on forehead. only not really::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::goadingly:: Want me to tell you how much it's going to hurt, Ren?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::has that too, only the word "HOPELESS" goes before it::
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::shrinks away from her:: ...not really...
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: We haven't even got to that kind of relationship yet!
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::beams::
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ...::sighs:: Ja. Ja...office is good...
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::leads the way::
TheRegicideKing: Liam: ::just... continues his walk, then.::
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::dispite all this conversation clings to Torsten, scooting a little behind him. whispers:: I don't like her very much...
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Well, you guys are 'Hopeless' and 'Virgin' respectively, so...nah, you prolly won't ever get there.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::follows submissively::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::puts his arm around Ren protectively.:: Nobody does...
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::sits her down:: Talk.
TheRegicideKing: Liam: ::walks past the projects, stone-faced, humming "We'll Meet Again"::
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ...I cannot relax because I will remember how I was before...::swallows::...how I was when I was younger. And what happened because of it...
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: Well, explain that.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::really wishes Liam wouldn't hum or sing::
Madscientistanon: Ren: O__O; ...scary.
TheRegicideKing: ((Liam: Why not? I have a beautiful singing voice.))
Saki and Cremola: (Saki: Because it reminds me of being cut up, bitch >O)
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::staring at the floor:: Vivacious, loud, a bit brash...you could even say vampish.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: You say that as if it's abnormal.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ...it made him fall for me. ::as if that answers anything
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::as if it's just occured to her:: ANYWAY! Where do you get off spying on me, Torsten?! ::pauses:: ...No, wait, I KNOW where you get off. And that's disgusting.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::looks blank::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Hey, I was testing out a new remote surveilance program that was supposed to help YOU when you got out on a mission. I just happened to see it, that's all!
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: He was older...well off...we became lovers. It seemed so...perfect...
Saki and Cremola: Saki: You just happened to WATCH it.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: Mm.
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::confused:: Saw what? ::thinks:: And how is the fact that he likes me disgusting?
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Not you, moron.
Madscientistanon: ren: ...oh.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I recorded and encoded enough of it to show them. I only saw enough to incriminate you both!
Saki and Cremola: Saki: But you watched it.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::looks at Ren::You remember that guard, what was his name, Leon?
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::nods slowly::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: She had sex with him. I caught them, and that's why he's not here anymore.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::rolls her eyes:: Like it's such a big fucking deal.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: Then one morning I woke up and he wasn't there when I reached for him. I thought he'd had to go to work...I went downstairs and found a note saying he was ending it.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::looks back at Saki:: It's called SURVEILANCE. If I couldn't do it, you wouldn't be here now. It's saved your life before.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::looks at him coolly:: I've never met anything that could kill me, Torsten.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: The television was on, and the news update said gave his name...he'd died in hospital after shooting himself...outside his -home-. ::trembling slightly, still staring at the floor:: He...he had a wife and two children.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ...I'm sorry.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: You'd have a tougher time if I didn't shut down the alarms next time. How about that?
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Do it, I don't care. You think I want to come back here?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Yeah, they'll kill you and you'll come back as a single cell organism.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: I didn't know. He never wore a ring...at the funeral his wife said he wore it all the time. I was a fool to go...so many things they didn't know...so much I had...loved...that they never knew about.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::snort:: You've been listening to your girlfriend too much. Really, though. I'd rather be caught and killed than face a lifetime of this.
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::hides face in his back. murmurs:: Rockroach.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::nods:: You need to let everything go, Gertrude.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Have fun in your next life, then.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::smiles infuriatingly:: Bullshit.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Why don't you go talk to your imaginary friend?
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ...bottles don't hold feelings very well, do they? *T-side: No shit, Sherlock.* ...if I let them out...::mumbles:: will she shut up?
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::peeks over Torsten's shoulder::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::raises her eyebrows:: You've changed your tune.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: How so?
Saki and Cremola: Saki: When I told you about it the other night, you didn't seem to think she was so imaginary. But then again, I suppose you would act different when she's around.
Madscientistanon: Ren: ...::confused, like whoa::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::chuckles:: I just like picking on you.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Just remember I could rip your heart out and spoonfeed it to your girlfriend if I wanted to. ::smiles::
Madscientistanon: Ren: O_O;
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Try me. ::grins::
Madscientistanon: ((::pokes Chelsea:: ))
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Don't tempt me.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: o__o; Will WHO shut up?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Just remember, cause and effect.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ...What?
TheRegicideKing: ((Torsten: ::fake French accent:: We are all victims of causality! ::hands out orgasm cake!::))
Madscientistanon: ((Ren: ::pokes it:: ))
Saki and Cremola: (Saki: ::thinks that if Ren even heard the word orgasm, never mind actually had one, she would die:: )
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: How does a visit with Doctor Tate sound? ::grins:: Touch me, and I'll make you an appointment.
Madscientistanon: ((Ren: ::at least she'd die happy:: ))
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::looks at him weird:: You'd be a little dead to do that.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::blinks:: ...the...manifestion of...repressed...aspects of my personality.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::shit-eating grin::
Madscientistanon: Gertude: *Mein Gott...I just admitted to hearing voices >_< *
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: Oh. Like a split personality. *Psycho o__o;* Well, yes, that's the general theory.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::singing:: Mit mathematichem verstand...
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: She tells me to wear shorter skirts.
Madscientistanon: ((::dies:: ))
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: No, you just think she does. She doesn't actually exist.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: She's still annoying as hell.
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::smiles lazily:: You've seen me kill people before. I'd assume you've realised how much it might hurt. So like I said...don't tempt me.
TheRegicideKing: Liam: ::comes around again, humming still::
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: Well, just... *stop being such an uptight old bitch >__>* just let go of yourself every now and again. I think that's what your subconcious is trying to tell you.
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::not pleased with the idea of Torsten in pain; hugs him tighter::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Doctor Tate!
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::snaps:: Would you QUIT THAT HUMMING?
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ...I will try.
TheRegicideKing: Liam: ::shoots a look at Saki, brandishing The Pen:: What's the magic word? ::smiles pleasantly::
Madscientistanon: ((Trudy: I am NOT old >O ...whippersnapper...))
Madscientistanon: Ren: O____O
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: You'll see you don't actually need any medication, Gertrude.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ...but what if I still can't sleep?
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::jerks a thumb over her shoulder, boredly:: You'll hurt them, as well.
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::firmly:: Then you'll have to buy your own sleeping pills.
TheRegicideKing: Liam: Unfortunate, but a sacrifice I'm willing to make.
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::clings to Tortsten::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::clings back!::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::raises her eyebrows:: It might be worth it, just to hear her scream.
Madscientistanon: ((::dies:: ))
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::blushes::
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::sighs. nods::
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::confused. again::
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: And if all goes well, I won't have to mention this to Professor Reinbach. ^___^
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::freezes:: *T-side: Damn, that -would- blow your chances...* ::claps hand over mouth and mutters...::idunwaninispans.
TheRegicideKing: Liam: You need to mind your manners, Hanamori. ::grins::
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: You don't...want...in his pants? O__o;
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Don't have any, Doctor.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: O_O; I don't, I swear I don't, I swear to God I don't. *T-side: ...and that was way too panicked to be believable.*
TheRegicideKing: Liam: I'll be sure to teach you some on your next visit. I may just give you a singing lesson.
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::shudders::
TheRegicideKing: as well*
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: Gertrude, I had never even thought about it until you mentioned it. All I'm saying is that you have very odd taste in men. o__o;
Saki and Cremola: Saki: ::raises her eyebrows:: Really.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ...I have very -limited- taste in men. Apparently.
TheRegicideKing: Liam: Until then, y'all play nice. ::pockets The Pen, and walks away, singing "Fly Me To The Moon"::
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ...as there was no one after Friedrich...
Madscientistanon: Ren: ...at least it isn't the world-goes-boom song...
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Yeah, but it's the Evangelion song... christ, why did he have to pick that one? -_-
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::cuddles::
Saki and Cremola: Saki: Because he's a loser. Like the rest of you.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::cuddle!::
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: Well, whatever.
TheRegicideKing: Charon: w00t! ::dancing to "Rio"::
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::stands up:: ...well...I suppose I should thank you...?
Saki and Cremola: Chelsea: ::waves her hand:: It's my job.