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Saki Hanamori [userpic]
by Saki Hanamori (saki_hanamori)
at May 20th, 2007 (07:05 am)

current mood: restless

Who: Projects/Guards/Scientists
What: Hanging around the living quarters
Where: Project HQ
When: Sunday morning.

Restless. That was the best word for how Saki was feeling right now. She couldn't sleep anymore, because by her reckoning she'd already been out 36 hours from Thorazine. She certainly had a Thorazine headache, anyways. Why did Reinbach always have to do that to her?! It had started innocently, Friday morning. Some guard had made some stupid comment about Leon that she hadn't appreciated, and she'd just...lost her temper. Well, wasn't she supposed to be able to react on a hair-trigger? Saki allowed herself a tiny smirk at the memory of the guard's head exploding and the pretty shapes his brain matter had made on the sterile, white wall. He'd had it coming, and it had been fun...well, until she got found, anyways. That hadn't been so fun.

Sitting up on her bed, she rubbed her temples briefly and willed the headache to disperse before getting slightly unsteadily to her feet and trying her door to see if it was locked. Surprisingly, it opened.

"Hmmph. Must've punished me enough." she said aloud, wandering into what constituted as the living space for her and her fellow Projects. She wanted to ask Riu or Matt what they'd though of her interior decoration on Friday, and so she started to look for them. And if she came across someone who was easy to bully on the way...well, that was a happy bonus.

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