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Cremola Rodriguez [userpic]
[OOC] RP Log #4
by Cremola Rodriguez (cremola)
at July 13th, 2004 (06:35 am)
current song: Stand Inside Your Love- Kill Hannah

saint louise x: (It's Saki's birthday! In your timezone, anyways.)
plutoxdeadscream: ((Riu: ::celebrates::))
TheRegicideKing: ((Torsten: ::gives her an old sock::))
Madscientistanon: ((Ren: ::keens:: ))
saint louise x: (Saki: ::does not care. Fucked his girlfriend over, tee hee.:: )
plutoxdeadscream: ((Riu: ::helped!::))
TheRegicideKing: ((I must have missed something. ::hasn't been keeping up since he got back on the old computer::))
saint louise x: (The log's in the community~)
TheRegicideKing: ((::reads::))
saint louise x: (Saki and Riu are totally still locked up, because Seiki's an ASS. >__>)
Madscientistanon: ((::gets IM from Annoying Person; mentally screams: I'M NOT TALKING TO YOU, BITCH))
saint louise x: (Tell said person that. I do.)
Madscientistanon: ((XD))\
Madscientistanon: ((I'm pretending I didn't get the IM >3 ))
plutoxdeadscream: Riu: ::is celebrating Saki's birthday in solitary confinement::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::sitting cross-legged, almost meditating, but has the computer in his lap, which is flashing information rapidly.::
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::sleeping in the medical ward thingy::
saint louise x: Saki: ::is really not that enthused about turning 19::
saint louise x: Chelsea: ::hoping smart-ass Ravi doesn't bother her today...conveniently forgets it was she who bothered him::
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: ::was comforting Cremola... I was about to go talk to Elvis, yes?::
saint louise x: Cremola: ::yeaws::
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: ::is playing handball in the garden::
hold the crutons: Ravi: ::bent over, staring over Torsten's shoulder intensely:: o___o
hold the crutons: Ravi: ::please there's more than one person to bother in this place::
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: ::gets up from where she was sitting next to Crem:: I'll be back soon. Relax.
Madscientistanon: Elvis: ::combing hair back::
saint louise x: Cremola: I'm relaxing. x__x;
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: ... relax more. ._. ::heads out in search of Elvis::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::working off his anger::
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::grumbling about The Fairy; sips coffee::
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: ::Elvis where aaaare yoooou?::
saint louise x: Chelsea: ::also amusing herself by emailing Trudy insulting MS Paint pictures of Seiki::
hold the crutons: Ravi: ::drops into a crouching position; his back's starting to hurt... seemingly oblivious to Torsten's anger:: Hmm, I can see what's so fastening about these computers... all the blinking colors. ::griiin::
Madscientistanon: Elvis: ::Um...en route to his room-thingy from the meeting room, methinks::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::opens his eyes:: They are the ultimate weapon.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::checks her email; snorts coffee out her nose at a picture::
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: ::inadvertantly cuts him off as she steps out of Cremola's room:: Hey. Can we talk a moment?
hold the crutons: Ravi: ::blinks:: They are? ...I thought love was.
Madscientistanon: Elvis: Certainly, Miss Jules.
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: ::takes hold of his arm and gently pulls him aside, into an empty bunk:: Sorry, but... would it be too much to ask for you to curb your... enthusiasm around Cremola?
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: She's a little jumpy. It makes her uncomfortable. Since we're all working together, I think we should all be able to feel at ease with one another
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: It's information. Wars are won and lost because of it. Indigo and Ultra are what won the second world war.
hold the crutons: Ravi: Ah. ^__^ So the real weapon is not the computer, but the information it holds. ::looks away dramatically:: How... how very interesting.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::the laptop's screen goes blurry and begins getting very hot in his lap.::
saint louise x: Saki: ::boredly watching Matt out of the window, head rested on one hand::
Madscientistanon: Elvis: ::sighs, runs hand through hair:: My -sincere- appologies for my -most- ungentlemanly behaviour. It shall -not- happen again. ::sheepish grin::
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: ::bounce. bounce. bounce.::
hold the crutons: Ravi: ::blinks as the laptop screen becomes blurry:: Interesting. Your computer must be processing its information very fast!
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: You sure? We're not going to have a problem?
saint louise x: Saki: ::bored::
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: ::sees Saki watching him through the barred window, walks over, starts bouncing the handball off the outside wall of her cell:: Hey.
saint louise x: Cremola: >__>
saint louise x: Saki: hey.
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: Solitary again? That blows.
saint louise x: Saki: Tell me about it. Riu's next door, I think.
Madscientistanon: Elvis: On my honor. I don't know what got into me...I suppose it was just my being used to being surrounded by crass and crude boors.
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: Sucks to be you guys. Sorry about that. When you gettin' out?
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: Well... all right. Just check yourself, okay?
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::emails Chelsea: I LOVE THOSE. You are brilliant
saint louise x: Saki: No clue. It's my birthday, too.
saint louise x: Chelsea: ::calls her office:: Sorry, couldn't resist. Come and have some tea and biscuits. :D
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: Hey, happy birthday.
Madscientistanon: Elvis: That I shall, Miss Jules. ::slightly tips head forward in a bow::
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: You can drop the "miss"... just Jules is fine.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: Delightful. I shall :D Be there soon. ::hangs up and heads over::
Madscientistanon: Elvis: ::smiles slightly:: All right. Just a habit.
saint louise x: Saki: Thanks. ::grins:: I don't really care, though.
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: ::small smile:: I'd better head back. I'm sure I'll see you around dinnertime.
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: Yeah, I guess you wouldn't. ::bounce::
Madscientistanon: Elvis: ::smiles; nods::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::jumps back and flips the computer off his lap since it really fucking hurts now.:: Fuck!
saint louise x: Saki: It's Riu I'm pissed off about. I don't care about being in solitary. happens all the time. But she doesn't deserve it.
hold the crutons: Ravi: ::dodges out of the way, having been right behind Torsten, after all::
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: ... didn't she set some chick's hair on fire?
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: ::heads back out into the hallway and back towards Crem's room::
saint louise x: Saki: ::trademark sadistic grin:: Yeah.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::knocks on Chelsea's door::
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: ... I love you two.
saint louise x: Chelsea: Come in~ unless you're Seiki, in which case go die. :D
saint louise x: Saki: ::beams::
Madscientistanon: ((I almost spelled it "Gerturde" ::dies:: ))
hold the crutons: Ravi: Hmmm. ::scoots closer to the laptop and pokes it:: You're right. The computer truly is a powerful weapon. ^__^ ...Hmm... this could affect the basis of my philosophies for the past fifteen years. o__o
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::enters, grinning:: Fairy-boy needs a hate-listing :D
plutoxdeadscream: ((LOL, Chelsea.))
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: ::knocks on Crem's door before letting herself back in::
plutoxdeadscream: Rose: ::is out getting donutz0rz::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Good idea...
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: Seriously. Hope you guys get out soon. I want to watch next time you mess someone up. ... then run before I get into trouble. ::shit-eating grin::
saint louise x: Chelsea: ::grins:: A hatelisting.
saint louise x: Saki: ::smiles sweetly:: You're terrible.
saint louise x: Cremola: How'd it go? :/
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::gets checked on by random medical personel; wakes up, freaks, and sets his pants on fire::
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: I know. ^_^
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: All right. He seemed to understand, promised to be on his best behavior and all that.
hold the crutons: Ravi: Oh, my ideas are always good. ::shameless grin::
saint louise x: Cremola: Good. >>;;
saint louise x: Saki: ::pouts:: It's so boring in here.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: It would amuse me.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::plots for a second, then stands up.:: I guess I should let that cool. I'm going to go check on her.
saint louise x: Chelsea: It would amuse me, too.
hold the crutons: Ravi: A good idea. In fact, I'll accompany yoooou--::remembers what Rika said:: into the hallway, and then go off in another direction. o__o
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: ::smirks, bounces ball again:: Noone else come by to visit you?
Madscientistanon: random med person: ::has fire put out by a supervisor, and is told -never- to get that close to one of "Hanamori's escapades"::
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: ::sits down:: This is... proving to be very difficult.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::fastwalks to the medical ward::
saint louise x: Saki: ::giggles:: Everyone else would get screwed up.
saint louise x: Cremola: Tell me about it. ><
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::calmer; curled slightly into a modified fetal position::
hold the crutons: Ravi: ::hops up and just like he said, stays with Torsten for a while, then finds another corridor to meander down::
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: Aw, and how come I'm not getting screwed up?
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: We have an... interesting collection of personalities here. Not to mention Trinity's being difficult...
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::walks into the medical ward, looking impatient::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Ren? ::looks around::
saint louise x: Saki: 'Cause I don't hate you like I hate everyone else.
saint louise x: Cremola: Well...yes. Difficult.
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::opens eyes at the sound of his voice; very softly:: ...Torsten?
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: Why don't you hate me? No different than anyone else, really.
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: ::sighs:: I am going to MURDER Giovanni for sending her our way.
hold the crutons: Ravi: One should not interfere in matters of love, after all... sometimes, I suppose. I'm sure there are exceptions to that rule... ::steers clear of the adult units' offices ¬.¬::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: Ren! ::runs to her bed.:: Are you okay?!
saint louise x: Saki: Less annoying. ::shrugs:: Better looking. You know.
saint louise x: Cremola: ::grins:: I'm sure it'll work out okay.
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: Hey, thanks.
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: Once he is dead. Yes. >:O
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::bald and bandaged and not quite normally alligned, but...:: I'm...okay now. ::smiles softly::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: I'm sorry... I wish I had been there. ::eyes water just looking at her::
hold the crutons: Ravi: ...Perhaps an inappropriate love... say the love between a monk and a woman... or the love between a monk and... well anything involving a monk is inappropriate, isn't it? ::walks into the garden::
plutoxdeadscream: ((I love Ravi.))
plutoxdeadscream: ((::marries Ravi::))
saint louise x: Cremola: ::grins::
hold the crutons: ((Ravi: ::loves:: :D))
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: What are you grinning about?!
plutoxdeadscream: ((::shimmies::))
saint louise x: Saki: ::smiles at him...genuinely::
saint louise x: Cremola: You're funny.
hold the crutons: Ravi: ::and just at that tender moment... pops up beside Matt:: Hello! What are we doing? ::happy happy::
TheRegicideKing: ((LOL!))
saint louise x: Saki: ...Oh. You.
hold the crutons: Ravi: =O You remembered!
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: Whoa... hi.
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: I am not. >_O
saint louise x: Saki: You're so annoying, how could I forget?
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: ... I mean, not normally. I'm supposed to be stoic.
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::reaches up slowly and touches his cheek:: You would have been hurt if you were...I'm glad you weren't hurt.
saint louise x: Cremola: You are. XD
hold the crutons: Ravi: ::beams at Matt, then looks in the window:: You mean I'm so charming. ^__^ It's an easy mistake to make.
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: ... grr.
saint louise x: Saki: Ehh...right.
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: I'm not getting the charming... but could be, you know, gender-biased...
TheRegicideKing: ((ARGH! Make this annoying girl go away! >_<))
plutoxdeadscream: ((::kicks her in the stomach::))
Madscientistanon: ((::pats:: ))
saint louise x: Saki: Hey, go bother someone else.
TheRegicideKing: ((Why is it that creepy, stalker profile type girls gravitate to me?))
Madscientistanon: ((o.O; Not fun))
hold the crutons: Ravi: Alas, my previous companion has deserted me for another woman. ^__^
plutoxdeadscream: ((... cause you're so morbidly charming?))
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: ... that's wicked sad, man. I feel you.
hold the crutons: Ravi: It is... wicked. o__o ::too old-fashioned for this strange modern lingo:: And my... gratitude... to your... feeling of me.
TheRegicideKing: Tortsten: ::grabs Ren's hand, starts crying:: I could have tried...
TheRegicideKing: ((::fucking dying at Ravi!::))
plutoxdeadscream: ((I LOVE RAVI.))
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: ... yeah. Okay.
saint louise x: Saki: Your previous companion was likely a loser.
saint louise x: (Ravi is my love.)
hold the crutons: ((XD;; Stop, stop... his head's already big enough. u.u;))
plutoxdeadscream has left the room.
Madscientistanon: ((RAVI FOR PRESIDENT))
hold the crutons: Ravi: I wouldn't say he was a loser. ^__^ But he was certainly unhappy when I left him.
saint louise x: Saki: I bet he's a loser.
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: Like... a real big loser. Yeah.
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: ::sighs, lays back on Crem's bed::
hold the crutons: Ravi: Oh no, he's not very big at all! :D In fact he's sort of impish in stature.
TheRegicideKing: ((Amy nominated Ravi for president.))
saint louise x: Cremola: I'm sure it'll all be okay. o__o;;
plutoxdeadscream: ((LOL!))
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: You think? We're still pretty small in numbers. This isn't going to be anywhere near easy...
Madscientistanon: ((He'd be a good one XD))
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: ... are you talking about Torsten? I mean, he's impish. Yeah.
saint louise x: Saki: If you're talking about who I THINK you're talking about, he's a bigger loser than Ren. And fuck me, that's a pretty big amount of loser.
saint louise x: Cremola: I know it's not.
hold the crutons: ((Lol yeah right, nothing would get done those four years....))
TheRegicideKing: ((Torsten: I am NOT impish! I'm geek chic!))
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: We've got to start cracking the whip... something... noone except us really seems to care all that much.
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::shifts into a semblance of a sitting position, winces:: Shhh....::gingerly wraps arm around him::
hold the crutons: Ravi: ... ::leans in real close to the window and frowns:: I am sensing misguided aggression toward Ren and her impish companion.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::whoa. I exist. Um, yeah XD::
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: There's no aggresion, I'm just sayin', the guy's short.
saint louise x: Saki: I'm sensing that I'm gonna scratch your eyes out in a second.
hold the crutons: Ravi: ::looks to Matt with a grin:: He is, that. ::then looks to Saki... the grin turns into more of a smirk:: You couldn't reach me. ::hides behind Matt just in case o__o::
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: ... look at me, I'm a human shield.
saint louise x: Saki: So, why are you hiding? ::serene smile::
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: The Fairy should never tell anyone that he will beat their ass. Idle threats waste oxygen.
hold the crutons: Ravi: ^__^ Your aura is just that powerful.
saint louise x: Chelsea: I don't want to HEAR about him beating ass. >< ::covers her ears::
saint louise x: Saki: ::looks angry for a moment:: I'm SO BORED. I want out. I want to see Riu.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::thinks:: Ew. Or even just getting naked....MY MIND, IT IS DEFILED >_
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: Can't you guys send each other... mind messages or something? Freak psycho friend powers? By the way, psycho is an affectionate term.
saint louise x: Chelsea: >_< Ahem. How are you, Chelsea?
hold the crutons: Ravi: ::beams at Matt, has totally forgotten what he was going to say to Saki:: You think so?? ::finally, someone recognizes his charm!::
TheRegicideKing: Charon: ::dancedances on his perch::
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: ... I was totally talking to Saki, but sure. Whateve.r
plutoxdeadscream: Whatever.*
Madscientistanon: Ren: Mmm. ::a little drowsy; takes Torsten's hand and holds it against her cheek::
hold the crutons: Ravi: ... ::totally didn't hear Saki's name, just the charming part:: :D ::beams::
saint louise x: Saki: No, loser, I'M charming. Not you.
saint louise x: Chelsea: I'm much better today. Iced bun? ^__^ ::offer::
hold the crutons: Ravi: ::blink blink:: Really? ...I don't see it. :o
plutoxdeadscream: ((LOL))
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: It's... uh... hidden.
saint louise x: Saki: Get out of here before I injure you. ><
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: Thank you. ::takes bun:: I am doing much better, as well.
hold the crutons: Ravi: Hidden? ...Ah! She must've lost it then. ::yes, this makes sense::
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::forces a smile.::
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: ... yeah. Okay.
plutoxdeadscream: Jules: ::does rebel things::
hold the crutons: Ravi: Unfortunately there's not much going on today. ^__^ But I find this conversation very interesting!
saint louise x: Saki: ...Whatever.
saint louise x: Cremola: ::yes::
TheRegicideKing: Liam: ::goes for a walk around the complex since there are no kids to hurt. Err... heal.::
Madscientistanon: Elvis: ::in his room, playing air guitar to Eric Clapton music::
saint louise x: Chelsea: Seiki is such an ass. >< 'm so pinning the stolen meds on HIM.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: *_* I love you. Platonically, of course.
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: I'm gonna go get something to eat. Saki, you want me to bring you back something?
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::softly kisses his hand. drifts off::
saint louise x: Saki: Yeah.
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: Cool. I'll be back. ::waves to her and Ravi:: Later, guys. ::starts off::
saint louise x: Saki: Bring Riu something, too?
plutoxdeadscream: Matt: ::calls back:: Sure thing!
hold the crutons: Ravi: ::waves back happily, then looks into Saki's window with a blank smile:: .... ::blinks:: Hmm, I was going to say something earlier... what was it....
saint louise x: Saki: I don't care.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::sits beside the bed, staring at Ren::
saint louise x: (Oh, Amy, I'm on Slsk now so you can leech offa me.)
Madscientistanon: ((YAY ::gets on:: ))
hold the crutons: Ravi: We were talking about ladybugs... no, that was me... my charm... you said you wanted to injure me....
saint louise x: Saki: ::dearly wishes she had Riu with her::
TheRegicideKing: Liam: ::looks for someone to talk to!::
hold the crutons: Ravi: Ah! Telepathy. ^__^ A truly wondrous thing, that.
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: ::eats bun::
saint louise x: Chelsea: ::sips tea::
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::sleeeeep, fairly peacefully::
saint louise x: Chelsea: We appear to be the Anti-Seiki Alliance. XD
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: XD Indeed.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::plots his revenge against Saki and Riu::
saint louise x: Saki: Isn't it. >__>
saint louise x: (Oh, Torsten. So naive. XD)
TheRegicideKing: ((He's got a pretty good plan. XD))
TheRegicideKing: ((It's something like Guadalcanal.))
Madscientistanon: ((Whoa))
saint louise x: (Ya wha?)
TheRegicideKing: ((Those are what the government called the exploding collars in Battle Royale.))
hold the crutons: ((!!!!))
hold the crutons: ((...That'd be so hot.))
saint louise x: (Not for Saki and Riu XD)
Madscientistanon: ((Ah. ::was thinking about the battle XD:: ))
hold the crutons: Ravi: Oh yes, of course! ::turns to lean his back against the wall, contemplating:: It's one thing to be able to hear another's thoughts and project one's own into another's mind. But if one's powerful enough, couldn't they
TheRegicideKing: ((Torsten's sneaky. XD))
hold the crutons: alter another's thoughts?
saint louise x: Saki: ::shrugs boredly:: Maybe.
hold the crutons: ((Lol I so have to be around when he hatches that plan. >.>))
saint louise x: (This is Saki and Riu we're talking. XD;; And staying alive isn't really one of Saki's priorities in life.)
TheRegicideKing: ((So then Saki and Riu can kick people around and expect no recompense?))
saint louise x: (I'm not saying that :P)
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::keens softly in her sleep for a few minutes::
saint louise x: (But I think Torsten would need approval from the higher-ups for something like that, right?)
TheRegicideKing: ((It's a covert thing. He's gonig to plant a minibomb near them and blow it up like he blew the laptop.))
hold the crutons: Ravi: ::continues talking:: That is where the power lies. To take one's control over his or her thoughts is to take one's control over self. It could drive a person to--...that cloud looks a lot like a turnip. o__o
saint louise x: (Ohhh, I thought you meant collars XD)
TheRegicideKing: ((It might be a locket he's rigged.))
saint louise x: Saki: ...You really like the sound of your own voice, don't you?
hold the crutons: Ravi: Of course! Don't you like the sound of yours?
saint louise x: Saki: More than I like the sound of yours, dear.
TheRegicideKing: ((Heehee. It's fun to use technology for evil. XD))
TheRegicideKing: Liam: ::hums as he walks!::
hold the crutons: Ravi: ...Hmm... for once I have to agree. ^__^ But then again, girls tend to have better voices. :o
saint louise x: Saki: ...Do you ever shut up?
hold the crutons: Ravi: Sometimes, if I have nothing to say. ^__^
saint louise x: Saki: I wish you'd shut up. T__T;
saint louise x: Chelsea: More tea, Gertrude?
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::squeezes Ren's hand involuntarily::
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: Yes, please. Do you think The Fairy realizes how...annoying he is?
saint louise x: Chelsea: Most likely, not. ::pours more tea::
hold the crutons: Ravi: ::blinks:: Why? o__o
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: Indeed.
saint louise x: Chelsea: If he twinkles into my office one more time acting like an entitlement bitch, I'm gonna punch him. >__>
TheRegicideKing: Chraon: ::has a run of the room while Liam's gone! Dances to Wham!::
saint louise x: Saki: Because. You. Are. So. Annoying. I. Could. Just. Die.
saint louise x: (CHARON <3)
hold the crutons: Ravi: ::blinking... trying to... comprehend...::
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: Oh, please do. And then call me so we can celebrate the event.
hold the crutons: Ravi: ...Why don't you talk then? ::smiles::
saint louise x: Saki: I don't want to talk to you!
TheRegicideKing: Charon: ::has the hotpants on, too!::
saint louise x: Chelsea: I'll videotape me knocking him out. >>;
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: Wonderful.
hold the crutons: Ravi: ...All right then... we can commune in silence! :D
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::quiets after the squeeze::
TheRegicideKing: ((::DIES!::))
saint louise x: Saki: No. YOU can GO AWAY.
hold the crutons: Ravi: You're right. I can....
saint louise x: Saki: THEN DO IT.
TheRegicideKing: Torsten: ::sings Wolfscheim to her while she sleeps::
hold the crutons: Ravi: But I don't want to. :o
saint louise x: (Saki: ::hissyfit:: Because it's MY BIRTHDAY and I SHOULN'T HAVE TO PUT UP WITH YOU and and and ::spoilt child:: )
Madscientistanon: ((XDDD))
saint louise x: Saki: BUT I WANT YOU TO. ::getting angry::
hold the crutons: ((lol))
TheRegicideKing: ((::pats Saki:: It's okay. 19's a sucky age, anyway. You don't get to do anything cool, just porn, and the charm wears off after a while.))
hold the crutons: Ravi: ::looks into the window and grins:: All right... I'll compromise.
saint louise x: (In my country you can do anything xD)
TheRegicideKing: ((In your country they talk funny. :P))
saint louise x: Saki: What, you'll go away?
saint louise x: (Your country stole my country's language and bastardized it, so shut up XP)
TheRegicideKing: ((My country kept the original accent, yours changed it in 1750. :P))
hold the crutons: Ravi: I will. And even better, I'll only speak to you when you speak to me! ...If you calm down... and think of one nice thing to say about Torsten or Ren. I'll even go easy on you, you only have to say something nice about one of
hold the crutons: them.
TheRegicideKing: ((Say "banana". ::gets shot::))
saint louise x: Saki: I fucking hate the pair of them. Actually, you too.
TheRegicideKing: ((lol. Saki's got a way with words.))
Madscientistanon: Ren: ::sleeps peacefully::
hold the crutons: Ravi: ::grin:: It really must be tough for you. You couldn't even pretend.
saint louise x: Saki: Why should I lie?
hold the crutons: Ravi: Sometimes it's the easiest way to get what you want. ^__^
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: On that occasion, champaigne would be in order. Or something else alcoholic.
saint louise x: Saki: I think the easiest way to get what I want is to kill people, actually.
saint louise x: Chelsea: ::NODS:: Fireworks, too. XD
Madscientistanon: Gertrude: Yes XD
hold the crutons: Ravi: Hmm... an interesting concept... :o I'll have to ponder it more.
saint louise x: Saki: GOD. WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP?!
hold the crutons: Ravi: ::grin:: Not until you do what I want.
saint louise x: Saki: I don't do what ANYONE wants.
saint louise x: (Unless they're hot xD)
TheRegicideKing: ((That's understandable.))
Madscientistanon: ((XDDDD))
hold the crutons: Ravi: Well... okay!
saint louise x: Saki: You're boring me now. Go away.
hold the crutons: Ravi: Oh? Then I was entertaining you before?
hold the crutons: ((*pushes Ravi* No seriously. *tired* x.x))
saint louise x: Saki: No. But now you're pissing me off, too. And if you know what's good for you, you'll do as you're told.
hold the crutons: Ravi: ::grin:: Just this once... I suppose I will. ::starts to walk off:: See you, Saki... perhaps tomorrow Mr. Seiki will let you out!
TheRegicideKing: ((I'm orphaned! Oh well, I'll just mess with Charon.))
saint louise x: (I need to go, I have shit to do in about six hours. Xx)
TheRegicideKing: ((Aww, okay.
saint louise x: (I'll post this up the the community. Niiight#)