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Saki Hanamori [userpic]
by Saki Hanamori (saki_hanamori)
at May 20th, 2007 (07:05 am)

current mood: restless

Who: Projects/Guards/Scientists
What: Hanging around the living quarters
Where: Project HQ
When: Sunday morning.

Restless. That was the best word for how Saki was feeling right now. She couldn't sleep anymore, because by her reckoning she'd already been out 36 hours from Thorazine. She certainly had a Thorazine headache, anyways. Why did Reinbach always have to do that to her?! It had started innocently, Friday morning. Some guard had made some stupid comment about Leon that she hadn't appreciated, and she'd just...lost her temper. Well, wasn't she supposed to be able to react on a hair-trigger? Saki allowed herself a tiny smirk at the memory of the guard's head exploding and the pretty shapes his brain matter had made on the sterile, white wall. He'd had it coming, and it had been fun...well, until she got found, anyways. That hadn't been so fun.

Sitting up on her bed, she rubbed her temples briefly and willed the headache to disperse before getting slightly unsteadily to her feet and trying her door to see if it was locked. Surprisingly, it opened.

"Hmmph. Must've punished me enough." she said aloud, wandering into what constituted as the living space for her and her fellow Projects. She wanted to ask Riu or Matt what they'd though of her interior decoration on Friday, and so she started to look for them. And if she came across someone who was easy to bully on the way...well, that was a happy bonus.


Posted by: Riu Nishigawa (riu_firebug)
Posted at: May 20th, 2007 06:29 am (UTC)

Riu was quick to spot Saki when she entered. She hadn't seen the girl in at least two days, maybe a little less. Riu never worried when her partner-in-crime went missing, it usually just meant she was in some drug-induced mini-coma and would come around eventually, the result of those idiot doctors toying with her like they always did. All of their fellow projects had seen similar treatment. Noone really questioned things if they didn't see their friends for a day or two. It was always safe to assume that they would show up sooner or later, likely groggy and highly medicated.

"Hey." She vaguely motioned for Saki to join her where she sat. "You look like hell."

Posted by: Saki Hanamori (saki_hanamori)
Posted at: May 20th, 2007 07:19 am (UTC)

"Riu!" Saki said, happy to see someone she actually didn't want to kill. She went and sat next to her friend, still gingerly rubbing her temples every now and then.

"I feel like hell," she admitted, but only because there was no one else around to hear her admit it. "I don't know how much Thorazine that asshole Reinbach gave me, but I've got a hell of a headache from it." she grimaced. "Although...watching that guard's head explode was probably worth the pain."

She giggled sweetly, the way she always did when she talked about killing someone or some other such havoc.

Posted by: Riu Nishigawa (riu_firebug)
Posted at: May 20th, 2007 03:26 pm (UTC)

Riu's eyes lit up at the very mention of violence, as they so often did. "You blew someone's head up without me?" she asked, just the tiniest hint of real sadness creeping into her voice. She did away with it a moment later, grinning darkly instead. "Sounds fun. Are we taking bets on when the next Thorazine coma will be?"

Posted by: Saki Hanamori (saki_hanamori)
Posted at: May 20th, 2007 11:29 pm (UTC)

Saki was disappointed. "You didn't SEE?!" she said, eyes wide. "My god. I pretty much painted a hallway with that guard's head. I didn't know I could make grey matter fly so far."

She couldn't hide the note of pride creeping into her voice. "Buuuuut...there was no need to knock me out for three days. They made me this powerful, after all." She pouted. "Next Thorazine coma...hmm. Let's see. I'll say, the next time someone pisses us off.Ormaybe just gets in our way."

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